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Happy Monday. I hope your Monday is totally Rocking! This will only make it better.
I have 2 things to share with you today. 
1st: Tomorrow night we are hosting a very special webinar. Please register now and plan to join us for 20 minutes. This is very dear to our hearts.
The more we are at live events and talk to the gf community the more we hear about the struggle just to afford safe food for your family. It is a real struggle for those close to us and at the Schaumburg GFAF event this past month, we learn that there is a waiting list at the food pantry in South Barrington of families waiting for allergy free food, like gluten free and peanut free for their kids. This broke my heart and even more, hit home for us the need our community has when it comes to feeding their kids food to help them stay well. Food free of allergens. This is why we are having a special event this Tuesday night.
This short Webinar may be CRITICALLY IMPORTANT for your family and will be presented by Mr. Majid Zafer a leading consultant in the Chicago area. We want to take the opportunity to show you a way you can AFFORD THE FOOD YOUR FAMILY NEEDS to keep your child safe! As a family with food allergies we know first hand the cost of the weekly FOOD NEEDED IS MORE EXPENSIVE. Gluten free and Organic groceries can cost up to 60% more money than traditional popular American brands. Your child's health is important to us at GF Mom Certified and we want to introduce you and share with you what we have learned from Mr. Zafer.
Note: Mr Zafer's time is limited and there is limited (virtual seats) line space, so please register now.

You'll be on and off the conference within 30 minutes and of course will have a value gift for the first 40 people that register!
Register Here - Do this Now, from your phone.

2nd: This Saturday I will be in Florida at the Gluten Free and Healthy Lifestyles Event.  Super Excited!  Who do you know in Florida.  I want to me them! We will be sharing our GF 101 training on the seminar stage.  ​Here are the details.

We will chat tomorrow night.  Happy Monday thoughts your way! 
p.s. Watch the SunButter website for my newest recipe! with the most awesome video ;-)

The Minneapolis Recap - Whoa What a Show!

Are you ready to take a spin through the last GFFA Fest in Minnesota with me?  The event was held in downtown Minneapolis and the city is truly a food mecca.  I loved it!  But then again I am a foodie.

Always need your official expo photo!  Look a gluten free donut!

These were just a few of my favorite brands I saw.  I have to tell you Lillie loves the Way Better chips I brought home more than the other bean chip brands.  Yeah for being corn free! 

This was a new and creative booth. State Farm was allowing attendees to make their own aprons and heat stamping on the spot!  Coolest concept at the expo award! 

We love our fans!  Did you stop and get a picture with me?  This is Theresa and she came all the way from Chicago!  

My daily expo snack!  #eatFreely saves me from starving.

You need to try this!  This is banana's with Smudge from Freedom Foods.  Nice little dessert for the afternoon. 

Ok have you tried the bean noodles yet?  We brought home some of the chickpea fussoli and it was great!  Girls loved it. Need to get some more! 

This is Jaimie from SunButter.  Watch the SunButter website this week for one of my newest recipes using SunButter! 

Do you recognize Jules?  If not, meet Jules from GF Jules.  One of my top flours and it works in all the GF Mom Certified recipes too!  We test it! 

Supper on the road is always exciting.  This is Common Roots and we loved it!  We actually kinda closed down the restaurant.  Check out the food! 

Pan Seared Carrots

Homemade Hummus and Non-GMO Corn Chips

Minnesota Grass Fed Burger with veggies and hummus.

This bakery was right down the street from Common Roots, so we had to visit French Meadow Bakery and YES I had to have the cake! 

I did share the slice with a great friend. 

Sunday morning hotel breakfast!  Just add hot water and celiac safe!  So good!

Check out GF Jules new packaging.  I love the brown bags of flour!  

My favorite! Wende from Enjoy Life!  

These were the winning most Awesome New product from the event! Freedom Foods Snackers!  Individually packets of dry cereal.  The girls are in love and we are out already at home.  I need to get 2 cases next time! 

These are must haves for event weekends! Water and Probiotics.

I was really excited to try a vegan gluten free cupcake from Nadia Cakes.  The cupcake was super moist and reminded me of a brownie.  The frosting taste just like at home.  Winner! GF Mom approves.

That's a wrap!  Here is Erica from Celiac and the Breast at the end of day 2.

So we are off again on adventure the next 2 weekends!  Watch for post of food on Instagram.  

See you in Sarasota Florida on June 25th!  Details on our event page.  Click at the top for Events! 

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Complimentary Gluten Free Education.. You In?

Happy Hump Day,
I have planned 2 online seminars with Elizabeth Gronert – check them out and you can register here:
The first is this Thursday, I mean tomorrow! These are purely educational – not promoting. You may have a few friends who could benefit from attending and it would be a way for them to meet me and get to know me. They will find this valuable information if they are gluten free and/or have allergies…or from Elizabeth who will be discussing concerns about #1 toxins and poisons, #2 skin issues. Open to our customers, family, friends.
Details, details...​
Gluten Free 101 and Gluten is Hidden in More Than Food
June 9, 2016
8 pm
Location: Online
Join us for this double bonus educational class. I will be covering Gluten Free 101 from what is gluten to how it can affect your life and how to start to protect yourself at home. Our Bonus class is taught by fellow Gluten Free advocate and my friend Elizabeth Anthony Gronert.
“Gluten is Hidden in More Than Food!” While serving the Gluten & Allergy Free Community, Elizabeth Anthony Gronert has learned many are still plagued with external and internal symptoms after eliminating gluten & allergens from their food. In this interactive presentation, Elizabeth will illuminate the numerous places where gluten, allergens, toxins and even carcinogens are hidden in our everyday consumable products. Many with auto-immune issues, skin problems, sleeplessness, low energy, pain and cancer are unintentionally sabotaging their wellness. Learn how to look and feel better while having peace of mind that all you bring into your home is safe for you and your family.
Let's educate the world around us! Please share the invite to the class with your circle. 

#GFFAFest Today in Minneapolis

Good Morning,
I know it is super early.  I get excited the night before and expo. Sleep what is that.  I am actually writing this and heading to the gym this morning. 
Today is the start of the Minneapolis GFFA Fest at the Convention Center.  The doors open at 10am.  Our booth is down past the second row.  
I was excited to see many of my favorite brands setting up yesterday. Including Freedom Foods, Enjoy Life Foods, Gluten Free & More Magazine, The Sauce Goddess, GFJenna from DoTerra, WildTree, GF Jules, and so many more.  There are some of the Gluten Free Rockstars in town too Like myself, Haha!  No really there is Taylor Miller, Erica Dermer and GF Jenna.  
Remember you will want to bring a cloth grocery bag with you to collect your goodies and even a few dollars to take home your favorite products at a discount.  I love expo discounts. 
Make sure to stop by our table for a hug and photo!  
Details, details...
June 4 – 5, 2016 10am – 4pm
Location: Minneapolis Convention Center
Minneapolis, MN

Details and Registration –
Please share with your social media friends! See you in Minnesota! 

The Enjoy Life Road Trip #EnjoyLifers

Recently we took a road trip to the corporate offices of Enjoy Life Foods (Thank you Miss Kathleen for the invite and @Celiachashigirl for setting it up)

With Enjoy Life Foods' offices in Chicagoland it really was not a far drive, although with 3 little girls who absolutely love the safe food Enjoy Life Foods creates it was an epic adventure.

We loaded up our wagon and were off to see where all our #eatfreely treats and mixes come from.  Do you spy Angela, Celiac Hashi Girl riding shotgun.  She flew in from California for the GFAF Expo this year and we had a grand time while she was in town.  

The entrance to the Corporate Offices, where all the marketing and social media chatting occurs.  

Franki has visited in the past with Will and wanted to show me right away where she had signed the magic wall. The magic wall is a whole wall painted with dry erase paint.  I loved reading the messages from other Enjoy Lifers.  Very inspiring.  The idea the employees can read thank you notes and notes of true praise each day is awesome.  We may need a magic wall in our own house to encourage each other. 

Did you know they are a supporter of Autism Hope Alliance?  I did not and found this exciting to learn. 

We met Miss Amy and she gave the girls special treats manufactured for Disney. Including chocolate bars and seed & fruit packs. They got all excited.

Look at Goofy! 

Are you ready for the secret tour?  Here we go! 

This is the Enjoy Life Foods break area complete with refrigerators, microwaves and massage chairs. 

The view is really cool and you can watch the airplanes coming into O'hare from the space. 

Josi getting her relax in.

These are just some excited little girls who want to grow up to work at Enjoy Life Foods! 

Joel was so great meeting with us and even showed us the sample room. I learned from Joel the new manufacturing facility in Indiana is going to provide an additional 200 jobs. This is truly awesome and show we all really love the Enjoy Life Foods products.  Incase you have not heard about the new factory.  Here are the details from Crane. The new facility is opening this August and has a grand opening in September for us bloggers and food lovers. (Road Trip anyone??)

The sample room was the little tasters favorite spot in the whole office.

She found all her favorite products. 

Big Thank you to Enjoy Life Foods for allowing us to visit! 

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gluten free basics and safety for your kitchen

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