Chicago Expo Recap in Photos

The Chicago GFAF Expo is one of my favorites, not because it is held in my backyard. Really it's my favorite because it was the first gluten free expo I ever attended as a consumer.  I have felt the emotions of finding my community and the overwhelming of products available.  This expo turned me into an expo Junky like my friend Tracy at Nutrimom - Food Allergy Liaison.  The energy of the event gets me to the next.  

Here'a a quick view of the expo from my eye.

This is one of the new shirts for the ladies available on

All ready to go on Saturday morning.  Chicago was a bit chilly and I was glad to have my new logo hoodie.  

Our traditional +Enjoy Life Foods photo for Hubby and I. 

If you have not tried Abundtant Love bunt cake mix you need too!  We love it and I even make it egg free without fail.

Meet Todd from Spinato's.  Always a stop for pasta and salad in my busy expo day.  Try the Pomegranate Salad Dressing.

This little tester is give the consumer control to test food for gluten before consuming.  I really want one to play with in our home kitchen.  Our family loves the concept and power it gives us to safe.

The girls joined us on Sunday at the Expo and did a litte shopping. Lillie had to visit Freedom Foods for cereal and Crunchrola bars.  She will not eat any other granola bars. Only Freedom Foods.

My favorite picture from the event!  

Franki went shopping at I Hear Keenwah for cheese balls.  Thank you Sarah.

The girls had to go get the bundt cake for Mom.  I am in love with this mix. 

All three of the taster's went to see Keely at SunButter. They love their SunButter! 

Franki kept going back to see Miss Kathleen at Enjoy Life Foods.  She really just wanted the chocolate. shhh...

This was my treat for the weekend.  I love these little Oatie Bars from @Allies GF Goodies

This was a nice surprise in my weekend. 

This was our Expo haul from the weekend.

Our travel and geeky friends from the weekend.  Do you spy Celiac Hashi Girl?  We love Miss Angela and miss her! 

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Columbus We LOVED you! #GFFAFest Recap

Today I am playing catch up.  We have had some really great weekends lately and met some really great new friends.  It is expo season and I am in LOVE.  I will honestly tell you the weekdays in between the events get super busy and I need my coffee and workouts to have energy.  I know we just had the Chicago Expo last weekend.  Although, today I need to share with you all the fun we had in Columbus and why you need to meet me in Minnesota in 2 weeks for the GFFA Fest event.

I am going to show you Columbus's GFFA Fest in Photos.  You Ready for this?

Friday started with setup.  My favorite girls from Enjoy Life Foods.  I love walking into a new expo and see old friends. 

We ate supper both nights at Bare Burger on a suggestion from Celiac and the Beast. She was spot on! I loved the food.  I can't wait for them to open the Chicago location. 

I got my workouts in at the hotel.  I love that no matter where we are I can still get at least 30 minutes in.  Oh and check out my new tank top "I bake. What's your super power?"  This is one of my illustrations from Kid Approved.  

The gluten free vendors had some great treats too! 

This is the new Plentils packaging.  I love it! 

This is the mix Ardenne Farm gave us to try vegan.  Franki made them for Mother's Day all by herself and we loved them!  

This is our booth and my hubby.  New banners and all.  

I tried Fronana for the first time and LOVE!  Now where can I find it in Chicago?

These hand painted chocolates are the best.  Even better than Russian chocolate.  They melt in your mouth and are so creamy.  I got a box for the girls.  They do have organic dairy in them, are gluten free and peanut free.  I will be getting more in Minnesota. 

Hubby's favorite from the expo.  This is a classic BBQ with a spicy smoke flavor. Great on pulled beef.

You have to try Jen's power balls from ggfgourmet.  So good and kept me going on our travels home.

On Friday night I just need coffee and Bare Burger had organic coffee.  Yes I like it black.

LOok how cute Jenna is?  If you don't know gfJenna you need to!  She is with DoTerra and can help you heal naturally. 

Hannah from Hannah's Healthy Bakery.  They have paleo mixes and we used one last week to make s'mores.  Yum!!! 

This is my super secret Enjoy Life Foods bag.  My daughter may have taken it from headquarters and I may have stole it from her.  I love this bag.  

If you missed the donuts, I will be making more at the Indy GFFA Fest in October.  If you can't wait for October the recipe is in Kid Approved.  

My favorite picture from the weekend.  Me and Cindy - Vegetarian Mamma

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Free GFree Family Event #Chicagoland

The Chicago Expo has just completed and was a blast!  I enjoyed see many friends and meeting some new friends too.  Watch the blog later this week for a photo recap.  On to the important news for the week.  
This Wednesday evening I need you to bring your kids out to the local library for a night of Gluten Free FUN!  I will do a short chat about cross contamination in the home.  We all worry about cross contamination when we go out to eat, but sometimes forget there are dangers in our own home for a child with celiac or other food allergy.  Then we are going to let the kids get hands on with cooking.
They will be able to frost their own mini gluten free, dairy free, peanut free, egg free chocolate cupcakes and decorate.  There will be mini pizza's to be made and cooked up to share.  I will bring a collection of kids aprons to allow your kids to borrow for the night and get in on the fun.  
Our favorite manufactures have sent products for your family to take home and we are going to have a drawing for a huge basket of gluten free food too! 
Please help me share this event with other by picking up the phone and inviting your besties too!  The library can hold 100 people in the community room, Let's Pack the place and we have products for 50 families to take home too!  
May 18th Prospect Height Library
Gather the whole family  --adults and kids 3 and up -- and learn about living a gluten free life. Join bestselling author and local resident Tiffany Hinton of GF Mom Certified to learn the keys to avoiding cross contamination in your shared kitchen, the steps to keep your child safe from food allergens and share the top 5 hazards involved. Learn to make and sample gluten free pizza and cupcakes, plus other tasty samples!! A few lucky kids can even help!
See you Wednesday! 

Summer is Here! Let's Celebrate! Who's in?

Did you hear Summer has arrived in Chicago!  We officially welcomed the heat and sun arriving this past weekend with a fire in her tribute and S'more roasting.  If you join us on social media, I am sure you were all in on the Friday night celebrating of Summer herself.

My favorite part of the year!  Don't get me wrong I really like Spring and all the new blossoms and blooms, although not the rain.  I am truly not a fan of Mr. Fall or Winter.  Summer in all her glory makes my soul smile and my skin dance with glowing praise.  

We had friends over and ate outside on the patio.  Candles, pizza, salad and wine with laughs and smiles.  Our Friday night fire pit nights are back and I am so excited for the peace I find on Friday evenings. 

This past weekend the S'mores were the winner of the party.  We used Hannah's Healthy Bakery Paleo Cookie mix instead of graham crackers.  Kathleen from Soul Food Heals was out to celebrate and mixed up the cookies using Enjoy Life Foods mini chocolate chips.  These cookies are grain free, egg free and dairy free.  Did I mention absolutely delicious too! 

The cookies we flattened slightly before baking to make them into little sandwich sized.  Using the 1 inch cookie scoop was perfect. 

Using Dandies allergy free marshmallow and Enjoy Life Foods BCB Chocolate candy bars made the S'mores safe for all and super yummy.  We may have went through 2 bags of Dandies and all the cookies. The tasters loved the Summer treat!   Burnt marshmallow make the best S'mores especially when the centers ooze out. 

Something special for you too today!  In celebration of Celiac Disease Awareness Month we are hosting a free seminar on Tuesday, May 24th at 8 pm CST. 

Please invite your community to join us for the online seminar and learn how to keep your kids safe too! 

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You have to come with me!

The Expo is coming!   Did you hear me the GFAF Expo is coming!!!  I mean for real right here in my own town - Chicago it is Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Expo Time!  This is my favorite food show of the year and all around one of the funnest events all year!  I hope you heard me, because you need to be there too!

The Chicago expo is held at the Schaumburg Convention Center on Saturday, May 14 10 am - 4 pm and then again on Sunday, May 15th 10 am - 4 pm.  My advice is to get a ticket for both days and come load up on your favorite snacks and gluten free products.  If you can only come one day, then come on Sunday and avoid the crazy crowds.

I have a few key things you need to know about this event.  First, bring your kids just not your stroller on Saturday.  I use to wear Franki or Lillie in a wrap my first few years, much easier with the large crowd.  If you need a stroller, I will see you on Sunday. Second, pack a lunch with protein and a bottle of water.  The vendors will be sampling many fun and new foods, although like we all know the gluten free pre-made food is high in sugar and carbs.  Third, bring some cash or your debit card - If you are like me and I know you are, there will be something you really, really need.  Like my Kid Approved cookbook or your kid's favorite Freedom Foods cereal box.  

Ok now click here for your tickets! 

There will be classes and education on both days.  If you are new to the food allergy world then make sure you get to a few of the presentations. The information can be life saving. 

A few of my favorites you have to visit while your there:

Enjoy Life Foods
Freedom Foods
San - J Tamari
Beanfield's Chips
Massel Soups
Saffron Roads
and So Many More! 

Now come be an gfree nerd with me this weekend!  Come by our booth and give me a hug.  I would love to hear your personal journey.

See you in Chicago this Weekend! 

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