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Traditional Ice Cream Sandwiches - Dairy Free & Gluten Free

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Do you remember those hot summer days as a child where an ice cream sandwich brought the taste of chocolate and cold ice cream in an easy to hold treat...

This was the first time my girls got to experience this wonderful memory from my childhood.  As a Mom with 2 little girls who have gluten allergies and one who can not have dairy, it is always an adventure.  

Nummy, Nummy and Franki's new word tasty!  The repeated request for chocolate and I knew these were a huge hit.

To make your own you will need the Brownie Bite Recipe from Gluten Free Mom Certified and the Dairy Free Ice Cream from Summer Thyme.  (both are fabulous cookbooks of mine)

Here is a link to the Ice Cream Recipe
and a short video with instructions

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