Pink! …. me really in pink

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Personally I would never have chosen Pink (really hot pink) as a lipstick choice.  Andrea from Red Apple Lipstick insisted I try pink.  I was like 'oh no' I can't do pink, that's not me.  I much prefer something neutral like a apricot or rust.  Andrea insisted I go with Pink, and she did not fail.  It works and makes my eyes 'POP' just like she said.  What do you think?  Pink… is it for me?

Did you know that gluten free lipstick is important if you have celiac or are intolerant?  Think about it how many times a day do you lick your lips?  I know in the dry winters in Chicago I tend to end up with dry lips, which means I tend to lick them probably a lot more than I should.  Gluten free lipstick is important in helping us maintain our clean healthy selves.

If you are a busy mom like myself sometimes the lipstick is just not happening.  Truth be told mainly because Franki likes to take it out of my purse and stick her finger in the tube.  Yes, I have ruined many a lipstick because a toddler has found it fun to poke her finger down the center.  Red Apple has a solution I love, lip gloss.  Franki loves it too, really what little girl doesn't want to have hot pink lips like her mommy.

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