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Some of my favorites from the GFAF Expo in San Francisco

Not in any particular order

iheartkeenwah are tasty little snack size bites in a re-closable bag. They reminded me of a little bit of honey I ate when I was a child.  These are gluten free, but do contain peanuts.  These are from a Chicago based company too.

Zest Gluten Free Bakery not only smells amazing, their cakes taste even better.  They are located in San Carlos in California.  So sorry Chicagoland friends you will just have to take my word for it.

Crunchmaster has a whole line of gluten free chips and crackers, even a graham cracker.  Crunchmaster is an Illinois based company with there facilities out by Rockford.  Even better you can find their whole line of products at your Walmart.

This is Andrea from Red Apple Lipstick.  Think about how many times you lick your lips a day, now is your lipstick or gloss gluten free??  Well if it was from Red Apple it would be.  Andrea put me in pink and it rocks or I rock wearing it.

Now if you want your man to come to the expo with you promise him free beer, pizza and bacon bread bites.  Hubby was surprised by how many companies have gluten free beer to offer.  

Canyon Oats are ready to go and quick to fix.  Just some hot water and 4 minutes is all it takes for fresh tasty gluten free breakfast any where.

These little treats are from Schar.  Franki calls them chocolates. They remind me of a hostess cake, sweet and light.  Schar is based in Italy and has very high testing standards for gluten free testing.  We love their pizza crust in our house.

These babies are from Virtuous Living who offer gluten free spice blends.  The sister's who own and run the company are delightful and fun.  I can't wait to see them again.

Watch for full reviews and more posts about amazing gluten free products you can get.

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