No Need to Cheat for Sweets

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I recently had a lady tell me she cheats sometimes in response to my question of "how's it going".  She had recently went gluten free on advice from her doctor to help with her autoimmune disease.  I looked at her shaking my head, because there is not option to cheat with celiac disease.  When that one little crumb can put you in bed or on the couch for a week with stomach cramps and in my case sometimes long bouts in the bathroom.  So your asking where is this going?

The good news is we have so many options now that are gluten free and if you really enjoy baking pick up a copy of my cookbook Gluten Free Mom Certified.  More than half the book is desserts and there is a whole chapter just on cookies.  There is no reason to cheat on gluten free.

If you want to see and taste some of the great gluten free options join me on April 12 and 13, 2013 in Chicagoland for the Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Expo (GFAF Expo).  You can speak directly with several of the company owners and taste there products, along with take home some samples or snacks for later.

Use this coupon and get your tickets today! 

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