Learn how to eat gluten free on a budget

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How do you stay on a budget eating gluten free?  I get asked this question lots of times or people say isn't eating gluten free more expensive.  Well the honest truth is gluten free food does cost more, but if you plan and shop from your list you can stay within your budget too.

I love to use the menu planner combined with the shopping list to plan out our meals for the week and then the corresponding grocery shopping list.

Watch this quick video for more tips

Here is an example of our menu for the next 2 weeks.

Friday 4/4 - Pizza
Saturday 4/5 - BLT sammies
Sunday 4/6 - chicken bites & rice
Monday 4/7 - chicken nuggets & fries
Tuesday 4/8 - pork tacos
Wednesday 4/9 - chicken bites & rice
Thursday 4/10 - hamburgers & fries
Friday 4/11- Pizza
Saturday 4/12 - tacos
Sunday 4/13 - burgers & mac n cheese
Monday 4/14 - roasted chicken & veggies
Tuesday 4/15 - buffalo chicken bites & fries
Wednesday 4/16 - chicken fried pork and mashies
Thursday 4/17 - left overs
Friday 4/18 - Pizza

You can find the recipes for the above dishes in my cookbooks.  Pick up a copy of Celebrates Heritage and get your grocery bill back on budget.

My gift for you today is our Menu Planner download and print out one for yourself.  

to your favorite board for easy reference

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