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I just want to hug everyone today and tell you way to go!  Every time I hear a parent explain why their child can not eat gluten or peanuts or something else.  I want to fist pump and let out a big hallelujah for being an advocate.  There is lots of posts and media attention this week for Food Allergy Awareness week, but do not stop sharing.  Being vocal and being an advocate is the only way to spread awareness to those not effected by food allergies or celiac disease.  

We here at GF Mom Certified have been partying it up all week from book promo's to freebies. Click on the link above to download your free gf stickers this week, then hop over to Amazon and download your own copy of Gluten Free Mom Certified.  The gluten and dairy free cookbook was written for our Franki who was diagnosed with galactosemia when she was only 3 days old. The cookbook has over 60 recipes including taco seasoning, fajitas and her favorite lemon cake too.

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