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We have a brand new grocery store in our neighborhood called Fresh Thyme.  I had the opportunity to shop and explore the new store this past weekend.  I have to say the store is bright and inviting from the moment you enter the doors.  I love the bright and airy feeling provided by the open space and high ceilings, the store reminds me of a farmers markets from the signage to the abundance of produce available.  Now for the gluten free lovers like myself.  You will be impressed just like I was.  From the full freezer section in the bakery area with gluten free bread and cupcakes, they even have Sweet Ali's - YUM! Fresh Thyme has a vast butcher area including fresh cut meat and sea food.  

The produce features organic and in season items with the scent of the season and with crisp colors, much like our Bittwersweet seasonal series of Spring Thyme, Summer Thyme, Winter Thyme and Fall Thyme. The dairy cases include dairy free and gluten free yogurt and ice cream, both favorites of are family.  The store boast aisles of healthy and gluten free food from chips to pasta and a whole aisle of gluten free cereal.  

We picked up our ingredients for the Bourbon BBQ sauce recipe from the GF Mom Certified series Celebrates Heritage.  We found everything on the ingredient list and even found smoked sea salt, that smell divine. I picked up a 6 pack of Omission Gluten Free beer to use instead of Bourbon for our weekend BBQ.  Hubby and I were happy to find several varieties of gluten free beer from Planet Wise, Bards, Omission and several ciders.  I am excited to be partnering up with Fresh Thyme to bring the community gluten free classes and education with tasty recipes made fresh with ingredients from Fresh Thyme.  If you choose to eat healthy and clean Fresh Thyme is the store for your family too. 

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