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When we traveled to St. Louis we met one of the most awesome gluten free business owners. Andrea from Andrea's Gluten Free.  Not only did we get to have supper together at the Nest the night before the event, we got to send her referrals all day at the event for her flour blend to use with the recipes in our cookbook.  After speaking with Andrea the evening before, I knew she got it… really got it.  Products are not just gluten free, her company goes the extra step and manufactures free of peanuts and tree nuts too.  The majority of her gluten free products are also dairy free.  We came home with an assortment from Andrea's Gluten Free to try and eat… and we have been enjoying these last few weeks.

So the details… you want the details... I would too.

The chocolate muffins are an explosion of flavor in your mouth.  I found heating them for 15 seconds in the microwave was perfect, as we stored them in the fridge.  The fudge filled centers warms and melts to be just perfect.  I think Franki and myself ate all the muffins. When you hearing a 3 year old ask for choc-let muttins, how can you say no.

We gave the pumpkins muffins away to a great friend to try and I have heard amazing things about the flavor and freshness.

So the details on the flour mixture. For me the true test for an all purpose gluten free flour is how well it will rise with yeast and make a great dough you can roll out.  We used it in our Friday night pizza creations, hence the photo above.  The flour is perfect!  Literally. Fine in texture, perfect amount of starch so it is not heavy or dense. 

Andrea's tag line is 'Nothing But Delicious" and I have to agree! As a mom I certify your family will love Andrea's Gluten Free and will not even know they are gluten free, as Will said the white cake taste like regular white cake.  Pick up one to take with you to your Summer Holiday festivities and share.

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