Cookies, Cookies, and More Cookies

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We recently received this gluten free cookbook to review from Tracy.  In glancing through the book I was excited. Hundreds of cookie recipes literally hundreds and all gluten free. I was like a kid looking through the pages.  I picked out a simple cookie bar recipe to make with the girls.

The cookies were super simple to make.  You and your family are sure to find some new favorite cookies again.

This will be the only gluten free cookie book you'll ever need! Thank you Tracy for writing a fabulous gluten free cookie book. I know our family will continue to return to the pages to try some new recipes and create adventures in our kitchen.

With so many people now following a gluten free diet in order to better their quality of life and health because of Celiac Disease, wheat allergies, or non-Celiac gluten intolerance, often times truly delicious homemade cookie options are difficult to come by. 

Thankfully, The A-B-C Gluten Free Cookie Book aims to solve the problem of tasteless and boring gluten free cookies and dessert bars! 

With 200-plus pages of quick, easy and fun recipes to chose from, you are sure to find a cookie that will fit every occasion, and perhaps remind you of grandma, mom, or the local bake shop you used to visit. Most importantly, the treats are so tasty, even those who aren’t necessarily gluten free will enjoy the taste and textures these recipes provide! 

Bonus materials included in the book: The Ultimate Gluten Free All-Purpose Flour Blend for the perfect bakery; The Gluten Free Collective which details stories from several gluten free dieters and pioneers; and access to The Gluten Free Pantry Guide which provides GF product information and links.

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