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Do You BYOC?

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Taking your gluten free child to a birthday party is a scary thing.  The anxiety starts the day you receive the invite, if it is in person or through the mail does not make a difference.  The initial thoughts I have are where is the party at? who is hosting? what are they severing? is there going to be cake? (THERE WILL BE CAKE!) what about ice cream? what about the favors? maybe I should just decline? does my daughter even know there is a party yet?  and more.  I am sure if you have a child with food allergies you have the same reaction. I know I am not the only one, as I hear the same fear from other parents.  

When I teach our class Raising a Child Gluten Free we talk about parties from hosting to attending.  Today I am going to give you a few tips for when your child is attending a birthday party.

1. BYOC…Bring your own Cupcake

2. Call Ahead - Call the host of the party and share your child allergies.  The idea is not to scare the host and get your child uninvited.  The idea is to be vocal and share your story, in order to create awareness and lower concern.  I always let them know our girls can not have gluten or dairy including bread, cake, pizza, ice cream.

3. Pack your child a snack or meal for the party and label it clearly with gluten free labels or stickers.  I will pre-cook and pack pizza for pizza parties. We bring dairy free ice cream, with extra incase another child with allergies forgot.  I have also brought our own hotdogs and pretzels.  You can even bring enough gluten free pretzels or chips to share. 

4. Pack your Epi pen and notify the other parents at the party of your child's allergies and reactions, as you may not always be present.  Yes, your child will run and play with all the other kids. With Lillie's peanut allergy we have to make sure if someone see's her turning red or coughing they share immediately.

5. Talk with your child prior to the party and on the way to the party.  I will reiterate I have pack her pizza and cake for her at the party.  Remind your child not to eat any of the party food so they do not get sick or their tummy won't hurt.  Communication is key. 

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