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Homemade Baby Food Gluten Free and Organic

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Baby food… The big question I get is what do I feed the girls.  With Franki our first, I went the gluten free, organic, glass jared baby food.  Yes, it was great and perfect, and cost quite a bit.  When Lillie came along we got a baby food maker and Mama got smart!  

Actually it is really easy, the Beaba Babycook is an all in one unit that steams and purees in one container, no mess.  We made sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, oatmeal, peaches, apples, pears… pretty much whatever we were eating Lillie got to eat, until her food allergies started showing up.  Literally she will turn red and blotching within minutes.  I look back and remember moving her to solids and finger food.  Packing up our little food machine and sticking it in the garage because I loved it so much.  God knew I would need it again, even though I believed we were done having children.  Well our little miracle Josi is eating from a spoon (there are a few cute videos on youtube).  

Grab some organic fruit and veggies, along with a bag of gluten free oats and you are good to go.  Here is a video with the details.  You to can make your own baby food.

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