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5 Summer Favorites

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Summer is a time to run and play, splash and jump in muddy puddles and remember your childhood.  One of my fondest memories is cranking ice cream after a summer fish fry with my grandparents and great grandpa making glow rings for us with the butt of a lighting bug.  Just the sound of a ice cream maker churning brings back these vibrant and joyful memories.  I can taste the fried catfish and grits, any remember mixing ketchup, mayo and pickles to make tarter sauce to dip my fish in.  Today I am sharing 5 of my favorite summer recipes to help you create colorful and joyful memories for your own children.

1. Popsicles

2. Vanilla Ice Cream 

3. Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

4. Fruit Kabobs

5. Jicama Salad

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