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After years of eating shredded wheat for breakfast, under the belief the extra fiber would help IBS (majorly wrong as I am intolerant to gluten and found out the wheat was also making my endo much worse).  I really am not a fan of cereal, I much prefer oats or eggs for breakfast (the true is I could just eat cookies and cake in the morning with my coffee and be really happy). My girls on the other hand look at cereal as a treat.  They get excited to see a box of cereal and smiles follow as they sit down to a bowl of cereal with almond milk.  

Their absolute favorite is the Maple Crunch from Freedom Foods, Lillie loves to eat it dry as a snack too.  If you are a cereal lover or love the fact that cereal is quick in the mornings, I get that as a busy mom some days you just can't cook eggs or oats and dry cereal in a baggie is eaten on the road to school, work or daycare - then you need to try Freedom Foods cereal.  The Tropic O's reminds me of Fruit Loops and would be perfect for gluten free craft projects like necklaces for your toddlers.  Super easy with some yarn and a bowl of dry Tropic O's (and it just got better for your kiddos too)

Freedom Foods is sharing some fantastic news regarding their fast-growing and highly popular TROPICO’s Allergen-Free Breakfast cereal. For the last 6 months, the R&D Technical team in Leeton, Australia have been working on development of an even better TROPICO’s……..with even more positive nutritional profile, as well as certification with both the Non-GMO Project organisation and the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (N.F.C.A.) in the US.

Well, they have done it. By including Chick Pea in the recipe, and moving to natural Paprika, Carrot, Sweet Potato and Tumeric colours they have achieved a product which tastes great and has……

Even Lower Sugar                           from 8g to 6g
Even Lower Salt                              from 40mg to 30mg
Even Higher Fiber                           from 2g to 3g
Continued 100% Natural Flavors and Colors

Freedom Foods are also updating our packaging to reflect this improvement – you can see the current and new design below:

                              CURRENT                                                         NEW


The new pack design includes the Non-GMO Project Certification, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness Certification, our Free From Allergen list and Kosher Certification. And we are really proud to now have the great Freedom Foods Red Banner to lift Tropico’s shelf presence.

Freedom Foods also has just come out with 2 new pancake mixes in easy to prepare and take with you.  We loved the pancake mix with quinoa, baked up perfectly and had amazing flavor.  As much as we travel, this is a simple product for on the go - camping, hotel cooking, or staying with family.  You don't need a spoon or bowl.  Just add the water or milk to the contain and shake. Then pour on your skillet or griddle and flip.  Just think no risk of cross contamination with spoons. I'm in love!  You can also store the mixed up batter in the fridge to use later. Check it out in the video below.

to your favorite board for easy reference

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