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Summer Popsicles

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Do you remember those fudgesicles as a kid?  How they tasted like chocolate pudding but were perfectly frozen to beat the heat of summer?  In grade school I lived in Tucson and let me tell you it was hot during the summers.  My parents has an old station wagon with vinyl seats and no air conditioning. The treats of summer were fudgesicles and orange pushups.  Once in a while we would get a red white and blue rocket popsicle.  

There are a few dairy free and gluten free frozen treats you can get.  One of my girls favorites is made by Philly Swirls.  Although when it comes to a fudgesicle I have not found one that reminds me of my childhood.  So last week we made up a batch of dairy free chocolate pudding and put it in our molds.  The girls loved them!  I actually did get one to eat too.

The ideas are endless from dairy free pudding, to smoothies that you can freeze for a summer treat.  Comment below with your favorite homemade popsicle idea.

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