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Join us in Raleigh Next Week!

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Are you ready for all the fun?  We are headed to Raleigh this weekend to party it up with all of you!  Sharing stories and cooking tips is just some of the fun I love during an expo or live event.  My greatest joy comes from meeting all of you and learning how we can help you even more with your gluten free journey in the kitchen.  So tell me what is the one food your would die to eat again?  I recently sat down with Elyse from My Kitchen Shrink one of the foods she would die for is Sara Lee Lasagna. Personally I would die for a piece of fresh angel food cake from my Grandma Eileen. Food holds memories and symbolism in our lives, personally I can replicate my grandma's angel food cake really well, but the memory of sitting at grandma's old drop leaf kitchen table eating angel food with my hands and just talking with grandma is what I would die for to have one more time. So tell me in the comments what would you die for again?

Pam from I'm a Celiac and myself at the last GFAF event in St. Louis.  Come see us speak in Raleigh and get an autographed copy of our cookbooks.  We would love to meet your and give you a hug.  You are not alone in your gluten free journey, we are busy moms with multiple children (Pam even has twins), so ask us your questions we can help you.

See you on Saturday!

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