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While in Raleigh during August we got to experience our first Mellow Mushroom Pizza.  WOW!  The atmosphere was relaxing.  We choose to sit on the patio and enjoy the cool southern summer weather, as it had just finished raining.  It was a perfect way to end a full day of a gluten free expo.  Mellow Mushroom has a full gluten free menu and use a special blend made by Smart Flour Foods (More about that here).  

Now for the details. I order the Omission and it did not fail.  I sat back and waited after we ordered our House Special and Kosmic Karma.  The pizza arrived and disappeared.  The house special is our favorite.  The toppings were fresh and full of flavor.  I even ate the olives.  The crust did not fail us.  We are a hugh fan of Smart Flour's pizza crust and Mellow Mushroom did an awesome job of topping it with full on flavor. 

This is the House Special

This is the Kosmic Karma

It did not fail, I finished it all and we even order just a pepperoni to take back to the hotel with us.

Go visit Mellow Mushroom


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