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Travel Hungry No More!

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Gluten free travel can be hard, I know!  I have gotten sick, glutened and starved in an effort to not be glutened.  I now have a plan of attack when traveling by air or car.  Planes, trains and automobiles here we come!

Traveling is an Adventure especially when your gluten free.  Here are our best tips!

Overnight Travel Remember:
 Empty Water Bottle (TSA no liquid)
 Snacks to Go (carry on)
 Hotel Food (do your research)
 Gluten Free “Find Me” App

Hotel Ideas:

 Room with Microwave
 Request Mini-Fridge (left-overs)
 GF Oatmeal Packages
 Protein Bars
 Dried Fruit
 Sports Bottle
 CAUTION: Continental Breakfast

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