Healing Leaky Gut

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Leaky gut… what is it? What does it do?  I can only speak for myself as I am not a medical professional.

Leaky gut is when there are gaps or holes in your intestinal wall that allow food proteins to transfer into you blood stream.  This migration of particles into where they are not expected, confuses our body and immune system.  My gluten intolerance going untreated for many years cause my gut to worsen. When the additional proteins crossed over into my blood stream it cause confusion. Currently I am cross reacting to yeast, eggs, millet, sorghum, and teff along with gluten and lactose.  More information on cross reacting at Cyrex Labs. The good news is there is a path to healing that does not involve prescribed medicine.

I have been see a functional integrated medicine doctor for the last few months to get my colitis back under control and stop the bleeding.  This is what I am doing to heal myself.  Remember your body is a powerful system, and your mind is even more powerful.

I have changed my diet to a modified paleo.  I currently am grain free, egg free, legume free, dairy free, sugar free and do not eat pork or beef.  Going to a restaurant is interesting I list off my allergens and then ask for a gluten-free vegan suggestion.  Eating a home is simple and I have found some new favorites. I will do a smoothie for breakfast. Pick up Elyse Wagoner's Smoothie Secrets Revealed. I love this cookbook. I then do an apple with almond butter for snack about 10:30 in the morning.  My lunch consist of a raw juice, that I make ahead and take with me; along with chicken and a veggie. Supper is either another smoothie or one of our new favorites like coconut curry.

Remember when healing a leaky gut you need to include bone broths as well, so replace your morning hot coffee for a hot cup of broth this winter. Include your fermented foods to promote growth of good bacteria in the gut.  We have started including fermented dill carrots on my salads or as snacks.  My new adventure is making homemade coconut yogurt. Yum!

Now for the mind and body healing combo.  You need to be mindful while eating, my best suggestion is to eat your food in a peaceful environment and stop when you are full. Do not feel you need to clean your plate or finish your smoothie. It is time to listen to your body and fully communicate with your gut.

If your in the Chicago area I suggest Dr. Sandi at North Surburban Wellness.
I just started reading the Whals Protocal and the book is full of information on immune issues and diet.

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