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to your favorite board for easy reference

Gluten free baking is easy, you can find several cookbooks for cupcakes, cakes and cookies.; not to mention the mixes that are available. This new cookbook is different inside you will find two dough recipes that can be used to recreate true European bakery classics like croissants and eclairs and so much more. Once you master the two doughs the possibilities are endless. I remember as a child my aunt making everything for parties with a tube of canned rolls. The idea is much the same, two simple basic doughs that can be used to recreate traditional classics, appetizers and crowd wowing masterpieces that no one will know is gluten free. I will not lie to you the choux pastry is much easier to master than the croissant dough, although the croissant dough once mastered is a skill no home baker should have. It will become you secret weapon to pull out for Holiday parties, Sunday brunch and for those special people in your life that make you want to smile as soon as they walk in the room.

I have spent months possibly a better part of a year working on the flour blend and technique to get a no fail recipe for the home chef in you. I have carted pastries to church, work and hosted several brunches to have them tasted by non-gluten free people and the general public. Feed back is key when developing a new recipe. If you are looking for quick and easy, go back to canned rolls. Although if you are ready to WOW you family and guest and never have to tell them they are gluten free get our your flours. Let's get started.

This new cookbook is filled with over 60 recipes, tips and tricks, step by step photographs and Mom Certified secrets even you Grandma wouldn't share

We have assessed every “pain point” that you could possibly have when eating gluten free pastries.

Three Days to Perfection has solved:
  • crumbly
  • dry
  • spit it out of your mouth
  • cardboard
  • full of holes
  • no taste
  • heavy
  • flat no rise
  • chewy eclairs

Three Days to Perfection is:
Gluten Free, Tree Nut Free, Wheat Free, Peanut Free & Soy Free

If there's another “free-from” that you want to be sure of, just ask.

The issue is that gluten free pastries are hard to find and with the Holiday party season you just can't pick up a can of croissant dough and make easy appetizers and guest wowing treats.

But we can reverse the frustration. By using a gluten free dough that was designed to perform and allow you to host again with crowd wowing appetizers and desserts. The pastry dough can be used plain or with any of the 60 recipes included to make fluffy and airy tarts and pastries for brunch or an evening party – just the way you did before going gfree.

We have even include our special flour blend in Three Days to Perfection along with over 60 recipes to make with the 2 dough recipes. This cookbook is different including step by step photos for every step along the way and therefore why it cost $9.99 and not $1.99.

How about the number of gluten free pastries you have tried over your gluten free journey, how many times did you try something to find the right one? Three Days to Perfection will stop your searching.

Three Days to Perfection is coming November 28th. 
Watch for Details.

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