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Traditional Southern Thanksgiving

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Are you ready for next week?  Do you put as much thought into the meal as I do.  Do you worry if there will be safe food available for you eat at the family dinner? Did you just take on preparing the whole Thanksgiving feast to ensure there is no cross contamination? Are you traveling? What are your allergic kids going to eat?

These are just some of the questions I have with every holiday.  I have done it all from preparing, cooking, and packing the whole Thanksgiving meal up in the truck and driving 3 hours to serve it to the family.

The holidays should be a time of fun, family and time to create lasting moments of love and joy.

Our Thanksgiving menu this year will include
1. GF Turkey
2. Sweet Potato Pie (recipe in Celebrates Heritage cookbook)
3. Mash Potatoes
4. Gravy
5. Collard Greens
6. Croissants

We have just have a small dinner on Thanksgiving, then a fun evening with friends on Friday and the BIG drive to see great-grandpa on Sunday with just some leftovers to share for lunch.  Will this be simpler, not sure but it is the plan.

I will be mixing up many batches of croissants over the next few weeks to take to our the shared meals. If you have not pre-ordered your own Three Days to Perfection here is the link.

Here is a link to our Thanksgiving Pinterest board for more ideas! 

Here is a link to a Gluten Free Thanksgiving we did a few years ago with recipe links.

Here is a Free Cookbook for Limited Time by my favorite GFQueen, Pam Jordan - FREE for a limited time The only cookbook you need for your Gluten Free holiday table! This book is filled with easy recipes anyone can make and everyone will enjoy. If this is your first Gluten Free holiday, your tenth or you are cooking for a Gluten Free guest this cookbook will do the trip. Appetizer, side dishes, main dishes and dessert recipes are all ready to fill your holiday tables. Your Gluten Free holiday will be filled with new memories made with these recipes.

This book include Holiday tips and great recipes from appetizers to desserts that are quick and easy. Simple ingredients that you can mix up for your holiday celebrations.  Grab a copy for your relatives, so they can make you a safe dish as well. 

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