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The story behind the book…

About a year ago an gluten free friend of mine was telling me she cheated.  My first response was horror then sadness as I inquired why? She told me a story of how her love for Eclairs was just too much to overcome.  We have all been there, where a particular food allows us to recall a moment in time and brings back the emotions from the moment, where we feel loved, happy, joy or great comfort (like my Lillie with her chocolate milk).  At that point I knew I had to help her.  I set out on a mission to develop a gluten free eclair that would be better than any bakery or pastry shop in the Chicagoland area.  This recipe was finally finished and ready to share with the world this past fall, now my thought was what to I do with just one recipe for a dear friend.  I was to type it up and give it to her.  I went to bed and thought about a special way to present her with this perfect Eclair she could have to enjoy and reminisce. 

As we all know I mind works when we sleep, I woke up with a BIG Dream.  

Remember when you were a kid… I do.  I remember the parties and holiday fun.  I remember my aunt making fabulous appetizers from just a canned of rolled dough. How no matter what filling she used the treats where divine.  They were like liquid gold.  Do you remember the parties, the lights and music.  The adults in joyous moods and the laughter.  Remember how they would make up the appetizers place them in the over to bake up and run to change their clothes before the guests came.  Then using just the holiday plates and some festive clothes on the tables, the appetizers would be presented.  Rolled dough filled with ham & cheese, filled with strawberry jam, filled with cherry pie filling, filled with bacon and dates.  It was all so simple and everyone loved them.

Three Days to Perfection was born.

Now I just needed a true European croissant dough, made with traditional method and an amazing taste. I researched, I read, and I tried. I failed.  I threw away croissants after croissants. I researched more. I tried different flours. I tried different butters.  Then one night long after everyone was in bed the croissant was ready to share with the world. 

I want you to have fabulous parties with desserts and appetizers that everyone can love.  

Three Days to Perfection is 2 dough recipes and over 40 filling recipes including sun dried tomatoes (yes you can make them yourself - super simple), mushrooms, beef and beer pies and more.

Order before December 4th and save BIG using our coupon GFMOMVIP at checkout. 

What others are saying:

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us at the expo. I appreciate what you do and your passion for it. I love meeting other writers, cooks and moms who share the same passion as I do. After buying your book at the expo, I started reading it on the LONG drive home and I love it! I really love the way you took your family recipes and turned them into allergy friendly foods. That too is my goal in my blog - to recreate family favorites to enjoy! The book is beautiful as is your stories inside it. I'm happy to have found it!
- Courtney Stultz, LPHJ Kitchen |Blog 
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Enjoyed hearing you speak at the GF Expo in Dallas! The book is awesome!!
- Janie Oliver, Dallas GFAF Expo


3 Days to Perfection makes my life SO much easier in the Kitchen! Its a gfree must have!
- Cindy Gordon Vegetarian Mamma | Facebook

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