Did you say Christmas Breakfast?

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Cinnamon Apple Slab

Christmas breakfast is a tradition in our family.  When I was growing up Dad would make eggs, bacon, waffles, and homemade apple butter. I have tried to carry on this tradition with my family.  The smell of fresh bacon and coffee is a like a scented finger calling you out of bed to the big wooden family table to celebrate the holiday and share in joyful blessings of the season.

Roll out your Croissant dough and start your apple filling the morning of Christmas, then egg wash once.  Let it rise for 90 minutes while you open stocking with your family, then egg wash and sprinkle with so Faith and bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.  

Here a short video to show you how to assemble.

to your favorite board for easy reference

Enjoy your Christmas Morning.

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