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How I Beat The Flu Naturally

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I debated on what to call this post "How to Detox Naturally", "How to Beat the Flu in 3 Days", "How to Start the New Year Fresh and Light", "The Perfect Storm";  I could pick any of them and it would be true. Hello my family, friends and spies (you know the people who only read, I love you too).

Our family had a wonder and Merry Christmas and had look forward to a nice relaxed week of New Years with some minor business catch up.  That did not happen, much rest yes, work not at all. This is the first time I am looking at my laptop since Christmas day.  First Franki got sick and had the typical cold with a fever, cough and running nose.  She was better by Sunday, when I started to get the deep coughing from the bellows of the chest.  We got up and went to early service on Sunday and I sucked on a candy cane most of service to stop the cough, and I glutened myself.  Yes, you read that correctly "I Glutened Myself".  Sunday was communion day and I did not ask for a gluten free sacrament, because I didn't feel well.  Big mistake #1 (probably the biggest). I pushed myself through the day to continue, made a large lunch of kale greens (more on the updated diet later, let's just say I am starting the Wahls Protocol) I took Franki to a classmates birthday party and made a raw juice for supper to start the detoxing process from the gluten.  I looked about 8 months pregnant my 9 pm and had a headache and 2 mouth sores.

Monday, I had an appointment with one our area clients, so I got up coughing, with chills and a headache; showered and dressed for the appointment.  I made myself a large tea with lemon rinds and honey for the drive.  The gluten effects were still hanging on, I was still bloated and irritable.  Hubby and I met with the client and drove back to the suburbs.  My poor attitude was enough to ruin a nice quite drive home. (Thanks Mr. Gluten)  I was in bed by 7pm with a raw juice and a cough that could bring down a building to rubble. Not much sleep for the sick mamma Monday evening.

Tuesday I was blessed because our Nanny took the girls and I slept the day away.  Mother nature, the curse, aunt flow (as we call her in our house) had decided to show up along with Mr. Gluten and my chest cold. I have stage 4 endometriosis if your a female with endo you know what I am talking about when I say I needed to just rest and have space.  If you are a guy just think Mr. Gluten with a cold and kidney stone all at the same time.  If you have never had all at the same time and not pooped for 4 days, you would not understand. This was the perfect storm.  After being told by hubby to stop being rude to people, I opened up about everything that was happening to my body and it was not just a simple cold. I am a super mom, so a simple cold would have been laughable at this point.  I survived on 1 smoothie and more tea with lemon rind, turmeric and honey. I finally asked for some gluten free cold medicine as my fever was 103.1 on Tuesday evening, when Hubby was still at work.  Lillie had climbed up in my bed and kept stroking my head saying "you be ok mommy".

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed like I had actually slept which the medicine help with.  I laid very still as I took account for my body, no headache. I felt my tummy, the bloating was gone, yet still no poop. I check my temperature it was 99.8 with out meds. I decide to venture to the bathroom. Once I stood up I was dizzy and my headache was back. This would be a quick trip to the kitchen for tea and a smoothie (I didn't drink it). I took more meds and fell back asleep. I woke up at noon and felt even better, I remember I had made bone broth last Friday in the crockpot on our sun porch.  It was still cooking, this was a foreshadow from God, because I needed this bone broth today.  I took all the energy I had drained the broth off into a new pot.  I added new veggies and diced chicken breast and let it cook for 1 hour.  I had a bowl of soup and savored every bite.  Then I took my last dose of meds and took a nap.  I woke up at 4:30 today refreshed.  Two more cups of tea, a large bowl of soup and hello world!  Blessing- I already can check the lose weight resolution off (down 5 pounds).

I beat the respiratory infection with raw juice, lemon, honey, turmeric tea, rest, bone broth, and a tiny bit of help from over the counter cough syrup.  Since I already have a leaky gut, I did not want a dose of antibiotics as I am trying to heal my gut currently.

Healing tea
2 slices lemon with rind
1 tsp tumeric
1 tbs honey
1 tea bag
Boiling water

Brew tea with all ingredients and enjoy hot.

If you are waiting for an email, a response, a phone call, a prize, order shipment, or just a Facebook like. I will hit you up tomorrow.  I am going to rest one more night and give myself some self-care.

Happy New Year!

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