How To Make Your Valentine Dreams Come True

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What is your dream of a perfect date night? I can't be the only one who dreams of romance and being swept away to somewhere special.

Let's dream together this Valentine's Day. As a mom of 3 and a husband who works long hours, dreaming is all I get sometimes.

Forget the candle light and rose petals, when your a mom you dream of a night away… out of the house.

I would love to come home to a nicely wrapped box with ribbon and metallic paper. Inside the box would be a cute little outfit, a lacy new bra and panties, a new pair of black peep toe shoes. We have a joke in our house that the Chicago uniform is jeans and a black shirt.  I would love to find a sexy sleeveless black top in my Valentine's gift box. A new bottle of perfume, a card with a hand written note, and I whole little bundle of my favorite makeup to top off the perfect gift.  This would make the whole preparation of our night on the town just awesome.  Can you imagine going to the city.. your favorite city to a hotel to find this perfectly wrapped box on the bed of the hotel and to find out your special guy made dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant.  Come on dream with me….

City lights, taxi cabs, cool evening air, the sound of the city, a glass of wine and your magical outfit that makes you feel young, sexy and alive.. Yeah that guy just turned around to give you the once over again… you are that sexy.

Alright back to reality. I know I would love to just sit here enjoy my coffee and dream awhile longer. You may not get it all. Good news is you can get your favorite makeup bundle from Red Apple Lipstick!

Here are the Details…. you ready for this… and a special giveaway just for you my peeps!

Right now, Red Apple Lipstick is getting ready for our Valentines day sale! 

I'm super exited to share the details with you too! (I just found out)

Red Apple Lipstick is going to have bundles available for Valentine's Day!

The sale is January 23rd - January 30th in hopes that packages will get to everyone in  time for Valentines day. You can registration for the sale from the 14th-22nd and those that register will receive a coupon code to use during the sale. Register Here
And now for the giveaway! a Rafflecopter giveaway Also, Red Apple Lipstick will be hosting giveaways on all of our Social Media sites (Facebook etc..) so be on the lookout for that as well.

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