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The Phoenix GFAF Expo was awesome!  Here are some of my favorites from the Expo and Congratulations to our winner from the weekend Susan R!

Come inside with me and take a peek!

This is a new gift pack from Canyon Oats! Ok who is going to send me one of these?  Better yet order one for your self! 

Expo Sponsors - who is your fav? 
I know hubby would pick Smart Flour, he may be more in love with their pizza than me (joking)

The Expo is divided into 2 areas - Nut Free and Gluten Free. I love this as a parent of a peanut free child.

Lookie who is teaching in the afternoon - Your's Truly.  I love sharing our story and how to Be Vocal & Be an Advocate for children.  Join us at an upcoming GFAF Expo, to experience the class for yourself. 

So true - yet funny! Hubby eats freely as in whatever he wants. (like the see-food diet, you see it you eat it) 

OK - we love the gfree beer, maybe a little to much. haha

This was a great find!  I could taste crab rangoon and sushi again!  
I can not wait to get this at home. 

My favorite booth and vendor of the weekend.  
These bars are paleo, vegan, gluten free and more! Yet taste amazing!

Tasty gfree, vegan granola!

So cute!  A Cake for my birthday!  Did you know my birthday was the same day as the expo?

No I did not eat a piece, it had eggs. But I could pretend.  I just ate me a Pure Goodies bar instead!

Do you get gfree in the mail?

I would take all these home it I could find a way to fly home with them.  We love Canyon Oats!

Remember that crab sushi - here is the soy sauce gfree of course. 

A new way to get seaweed in your daily diet!

No time for making your own broth, pick up some Massel, I do.

The girls favorite cereal.  Literally Josi ate a whole box of Triopico's in one day.

Blogger Love

My snack and lunch!

Celiac and The Beast in the flesh! Check out her book and blog.

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