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I get asked many time why I do what I do or "why publish cookbooks?" or "where do you find the time" or just the simple "why?"

As many of you know our little Lillie has been in the hospital for the past couple days after some testing.  She is home now and resting, as we wait for the test results to come back later next week.  If you are not familiar with our story the short-short version is I found out I had the celiac antibodies while going through infertility, the gluten was keeping me infertile and then God gave we 3 beautiful girls in 3 years all with food allergies.  I have 2 girls with Epi pens and 1 with a liver disorder also.  I know I was given this challenge to share and help other parents raise children with food allergies.  My reason why I do this is for my girls. I write cookbooks and publish to help hundreds of other children enjoy food and celebrating with family and friends around the table, while helping their busy mom's with easy recipes that the whole family will love.  I believe no Mom (or Dad) should have to fix 2 separate meals for their family. I believe you should not feel fear or anxiety every time your child is hungry.

We started our gluten free and dairy free recipe designing and cooking several years ago and with each child God gives us to raise, we learn to cook without another ingredient.

Lillie was a baby born at 42 weeks, chubby, happy and full of joy and style.  She grew and loved food.  Around 15 months of age she started showing signs of allergies as she was on a full table food diet.  She had eczema, rosie cheeks, diarrhea, skin rashes and it only got worse. We now know she is aniphlatic to peanuts and tomato, she is allergic to onions, green pepper, yellow cheese, flax and intolerant to gluten and dairy.  The little girl is LITTLE, weighing in last week at 23.8 lbs and 34 inches tall.  She has grown an inch and gained no weight in over a year, she eats well but with 6 poops a day it is hard to absorb. We have been doing some extensive testing this past month for that reason. We have looked for worms, parasites, ecoli, bacteria, virus, blockages, and more.  This past week she was schedule for an endoscope and colonoscopy. She had 14 biopsies. During her colonoscopy the doctor visible saw erosions and inflammation, the concern was the amount of blood she lost during the procedure and a large hemotoma found in her sigmond colon. She had X-rays and more blood work.  At this time as we wait for all the results, the diagnosis looks like Crohn's disease for our 2 year old.

So again the reason behind GF Mom Certified is our children and to help the children in your life.  The recipe we design are kid friendly and full of flavor.  Baking without the primary ingredients in American food like dairy and all purpose flour can be a challenge.  Did you know that baking is like chemistry and the ratio really matter?  Lately with Josi's egg allergy we have a whole new challenge.  I have excepted it with full engagement and soon you will see recipes for pancakes and more free of the top 8 allergens.  Combined our girls are allergic to gluten, dairy, peanuts, eggs, tomato, green pepper, onion, yellow cheese, anatto, flax, red 40 and I personally am allergic to millets, sorghum, teff, and yeast.  This makes cooking a challenge and fun.

I encourage you to take a look at our products and cookbooks.  I know there will be one your family will love.  We are Celebrating this February, not only is it Black History month, Celebrates Heritage is 1 year old, this is my 6 year Wedding Anniversary and Pop's Birthday month. Come Celebrate with us!

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