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We just got back form the GFAF Event in Charlotte, it was a blast! Here is our photo book!

Here are some photos of the fun and some new products for you to check out.

Josh from The Gluten Free Buyers Guide - GF Mom Certified was a winner for 2015!

These are our gluten free egg free muffins that traveled to Charlotte from Ohare - The GF Jules muffin-off with Nutrimom. 

Muffin-off Judge Pam from I'm a Celiac

Muffin-off Judge Justin from Yo Dish

Table set to go! I love having event specials!  Check out our upcoming events and join us live and in person!  If you can't make to an event just click on the link on the side to purchase a cookbook of your own -->>

Check out who's at 10:30!  I loved speaking about parties.

My new friend GF Jenna from New York

You have to try these - very tasty! 

Pizza!  Did someone say pizza and beer samples!  Oh Yes! Remember to bring your men along to the gfree events. I can not wait to try our Two Foodies pizza crust soon. (watch for our review)

Rice wraps and pillows!  I was super excited to see these and can not wait for my to come in the mail this week.  I am planning a sushi and wine party soon!  Who wants to come?  I even started looking on Pinterest for sushi ideas…. crab, shrimp, avocado, sea weed, cucumber… What are your ideas?

Love the packaging!

Some of the best hummus

Jen from GGFGourmet. They have great and gooey cookies.  

This was my breakfast

ohh - our secret is out! Watch for our Kickstart next week! 

Expo Haul!  

Below are some of my finds - watch the blog for reviews in the coming weeks

Thank you Charlotte for a wonderful time!  See you next year.

Visit us in April in Atlanta! 

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Alexa B said...

It was really a fantastic event, wasn't it?