Beer Bread gone Gluten Free, yes Please!

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I have found a simple gluten free bread and I have to share.  Really simple just 3 ingredients and done.  So easy even a child can mix it up. (make sure mommy helps put in the oven)

Marilyn's Bubble bread is awesome.  I have 1/2 the loaf myself while it was still warm.  We used 1 bottle of StrongBow gluten free cider and 1 duck egg (Josi is allergic to chicken eggs) in the mix, it was like sweet bread.  Warm, fluffy and perfect.

The bread mix calls for a carbonated beverage or club soda and 1 egg.  I'm sure you could use an egg replacer too.

Don't ya just want a slice.  I am excited to try the other bread we have from Marilyn's Gluten Free Gourmet!  Watch for more post to come.  I am thinking grilled flat bread… mmmm

And for those like me who want to make sure it is safe - here is the back

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