Local Grocery Store Embraces Gluten Free Eating

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Recently I was invited to attend a Gluten Free Fair at a Chicagoland Jewel Osco in Naperville, IL on May 7, 2015. I am excited to share Jewel Osco is expanding their healthy eating solutions along with bringing dietitians in house to help the customer make smarter shopping choices. You can schedule a free appointment with a Jewel Osco dietitian by contacting your local store. I have met the local Chicagoland dietitians and can tell you they are not just trained and knowledgable, these ladies are fun and easy to talk to.  If you are just going gluten free because of a new diagnosis or even need help with another health struggle, I encourage you to make an appointment. You will learn how to shop for your health and be introduced to all the options your local Jewel Osco has to offer. 

I am truly excited Jewel Osco is providing the community the chance to meet with a dietitian to help with the challenges faced when trying to go gluten free.  Beside the emotional struggle of dealing with a newly diagnosed disease, the challenge of relearning how to shop for safe food can be over whelming. The time spent with a professional who is able to help you get a new plan and provide you easy to follow shopping ideas, is a win-win.

To learn more about the Jewel Osco dietian program or to make an appointment contact Melissa or Samantha at Jewel Osco. 

Jewel Osco's Gluten free section is expanded and they even have my favorite brands!  Big win in the Gfree world.  Honestly not having to shop at 2 or 3 grocery stores is a huge savings.  Savings is not just in time but with the great everyday prices, Jewel Osco can help you save money too.

Here are a few of the photos I took during the event.

My table at the Gluten Free Fair - Signing books and answering gluten free cooking questions.

My favorite baking mix! 

Jewel Osco's new expanded produce area! 

to your favorite board for easy reference

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