Sushi I have missed you

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Earlier this Spring I found a company who make gluten free rice wraps and was in heaven.  I could have stayed all day at their table watch and sampling (eating and tasting).  

Then Rice Wraps air shipped me some on dry ice.  How fun! 

We got excited!  Then I had to travel for more events and my sushi happiness chilled in the freezer for me to return.  Well guess what this past weekend I hosted a sushi rolling party!  

We got veggies and fish, cause what else do you put in sushi.  I picked up cucumber, avocado, carrots, ginger, wasabi powder, San-J sauce and seaweed sheets.  My friends brought the sriracha, gluten free crab from Trans-Ocean and Ahi Tuna.  We were set!  Now to get these ready to go.  I suggest to slice everything very slim and narrow.  

We had bamboo rolling mats.  The secret shared with me from Rice Wraps is to put your bamboo mat in a ziploc bag to make clean up easy.


When you are slicing the rice just make sure you are using a wet and sharp knife.


Now to find me some more rice sheets from Rice Wraps!  

The sushi is calling!  

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