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If you have not had a chance to get a copy of Kid Approved, I have to say you are missing out on the good stuff.

Here is what two of our most recent home chefs are saying. I personally want to invite you to join us on Instragram for more inspiration and insider secrets as we cook up each day.  You may even get to catch the "little taster" in action.

Recent Reviews

Not only is Kid Approved filled with awesome, kid-friendly recipes (pizza, chicken fingers, and donuts to name a few), it also has a bunch of helpful information that will help parents deal with birthday parties, grocery shopping, neighborhood BBQs, and the taste and consistency problems that often accompany gluten-free baking. Tiffany includes beautiful full-color pictures for every recipe, and her unique GFMomCertified spice blends and flour blend as well. It’s not just a cookbook for making easy substitutions, but one with guides and tutorials that can help even the most stressed parents create easy and family-friendly meals that will transform the way they view allergy cooking!….Overall, I’m so impressed with Tiffany’s new book. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous and filled with fantastic recipes, but it’s such a great resource for parents, or anyone else, dealing with the complications and frustrations that go along with cooking allergy-friendly. Definitely check it out!
- Kathleen Shannon,Soul Food Heals Facebook
"This is not just a cookbookKid Approved is a solution guide for you to keep your child safe in a world of fun and wonder."Right away, loved it! This describes the book perfectly. We are all so focused on what foods to avoid, what not to do when we have food allergies but Tiffany hits the nail on the head- food allergies are not about being afraid of your foods, it's about finding out how to use the foods that you are able to eat. ... That is what it's all about and Tiffany shares that with us. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a gluten free, family-friendly cookbook. It also includes a shopping list, menus and a surprise extra at the end of the book (yeah, like I would ruin the surprise and tell you what it is!)

More reviews can be found on our new Raves page! I invite you to purchase your own copy of Kid Approved and get the fun started for the kid in you! 
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