Apple Compote Cake with Zemas Madhouse Foods

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We recently had the opportunity to review a box of Zemas Madhouse Foods cinnamon oatmeal apple muffin mix.  You know I just could follow the directions. Right. We had to get creative and this apple compote cake was gone in one sitting.  

The mix is a box of dry ingredients which you add liquid and apples to.  Zemas uses teff and sorghum in most of their mixes.  I love that you can see the ingredients right on their website

The cake was moist and soft with great flavor similar to a spice cake.


I decided to use the mix for my cake base.  I made the apple compote from the breakfast chapter of Kid Approved using Winona Pure Coconut Oil.

Then I made a batch of salted caramel from Mom Certified Celebrates Heritage to top it off.
The trick is to put your apple compote in the pan before putting your mixed up batter. Bake as directed, and top with salted caramel. YUM

Mix up Zemas Madhouse Foods cinnamon oatmeal apple muffin mix leaving out the apples and walnuts.  I did use Neat egg instead of eggs.

Make Apple Compote as directed.

Line your 8 inch round cake pan with parchment paper. 

Spread hot apples in the cake pan.

Pour muffin batter over apples.

Bake as directed.

While the cake is baking. Make Salted Caramel as directed. 

Let cake cool 10 minutes, then turn out. Top with salted caramel and enjoy! 


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