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We have spent the weekend in Raleigh at the Gluten Free and Allergen Wellness event.  We had great food, friends and fun.  I am going to share a photo tour of our weekend with you.  Put on your get our your fork and prepare to share a bite with me.

Franki saying her good byes to the Gluten Free Prince Eric.  He was making the trip to meet Nutrimom and watch over our Elairs for the GF Jules Bake Off. 

I love my suitcase but sometime it just weights too much.  This one weighed in at close to 70 pounds.  I have to remove some items at the airport to make weight.  Good thing our eclairs made it!

First stop was Mellow Mushroom to bring back to the hotel.  Best pizza in the South. This is their gluten free crust with fresh mozzarella. YUM! 

Eclair finishing in the hotel room.  No microwave No Fridge No problem. I got this! I used hot water to melt down the chocolate ganache and dipped the filled eclairs.  The chop stick was used to make a hole in the side of each eclair. 

These are ready for the GF Jules official bake off!

Now time for the blogger dinner at Primal Food & Spirits

Our Gfree Prince Eric made the trip with a smile. 

This is Primal's new sour dough bread and herb butter. 

The Gluten Free Prince Eric got to meet the curly haired Princess Jules, thanks to Nutrimom-Food Allergy Liaison Tracy.

Deviled Eggs

My phone died at this moment.  …. Back to the Hotel lobby for the GF Jules Bake Off

GF Mom Certified Eclairs made with GF Jules Flour, duck eggs, Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate and organic grass fed butter.  (watch for details to get the recipe)

Nutrimom - Food Allergy Liaison Eclairs made egg free, dairy free, gluten free. Super tasty! 

 The Judging…. who will win? 

Jenna Drew from GF Jenna joined in as a judge. 

Don't ya just want a bite? You got your fork still?

The Elcairs were a big hit! 

The GFFA Wellness Event! 

I have not yet got to dig into my swag and taste everything, but here are the early sneak peeks of all the goodness from the event.  I am sure you will find so items you love too! 

These are Vegan!  I was kinda excited and JP's will ship any where in the US!!!  BONUS 

We love Amy! 

If you travel Tarah's Allergy cards are a must! Visit the Allergic Traveler for details

This is my bestie Pam from I'm a Celiac.  This is my favorite photo from the whole trip! 

These are the best packaged grain free vegan cookies you can get and Jen ships too! 

I am excited to try these new found bars.  Watch for a review on the blog soon.

old Favorites

The place you have to eat when in the Raleigh area.  A completely dedicated gluten free restaurant. Farm to table concept and the best food around!

We love!

This my friends is King Gluten Free himself.  It was fantastic to finally meet in person. If you don't follow King Gluten Free - read his latest post

One of our young fans - super excited to meet us.  This is what it is all about allowing a child with food allergies or celiac to feel normal and eat great food! 

This is the fabulous Meghan Varner.  Check out her book blog here 

Supper after the event was at Kimbap and great little korean place that did gluten free really well! 

Get your fork out again! 

Kimche Fried Rice

Gluten Free Dumplins

Until next year Raleigh!  

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