22 Thanksgiving Tips to keep the Gluten Monster Away!

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1. Be Vocal  - tell people you are gluten free

2. Be an Advocate - tell people you are allergic. Your child is allergic

3. Tell everyone you are carrying an Epi pen

4. Bring safe food to share with others

5. Download your Free Mom Certified Celebrates Heritage Cookbook (Limited Time 11/24/15 - 11/28/15)

6. Potatoes are naturally gluten free

7. Get a turkey which is labeled gluten free

8. Pick up a bag of Namaste Perfect Blend Gluten Free Flour

9. Take your Probiotic

10. Take Thrive Probiotic for your lower gut health

11. Share your favorite gluten free recipes with friends

12. Smile more!

13. Wear your Red Apple Lipstick

14. Enter to win the Love with Food box (below)

15. Use canned coconut milk instead of whipping cream or heavy cream for dairy free baking

16. Fresh green beans are gluten free

17. Gluten Free Rolls Rock!!

18. Make up Grandma Pecola's Sweet Potato Pie - you will not be disappointed

19. Label the gluten free food

20. Use separate cooking utensils for gluten free dishes

21. Use glass or metal for left overs - no reheating gluten free food in plastic

22.  Tell me what your Thankful for in the comments

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