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Probiotics we all know are good for us, but which one do we take and what about the scare of some containing gluten. The media giants are saying they are 99% in-effective and then your health coach says you need a probiotic.  So where to do you even start with all the back and forth.

First, you do need a probiotic. Especially if you have inflammation or leaky gut as your gut bacteria is not healthy. The probiotic is suppose to regrow in your gut and multiply to help you stay healthy.  A good probiotic will do this - grow and develop good bacteria in your gut. Personally I am not keen on the idea of a poop transplant, I know they have a better name for this but it is still a poop transplant where someone else's poop is stuck in you.  GROSS!!!

There are also several kinds of probiotics and different strains of bacterial; for instance Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Coagulans, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.  So which do you choose? My functional medicine doctor gave me a tip.  A good probiotic will produce yogurt within a week or less.  Try this at home.  Take a can of organic coconut milk and place in a mason jar with 5-8 probiotic capsules you have opened. Screw the lid on. Cover with a towel and leave on the counter. Shake the jar every day for a minute or two and recover with the towel.  The bacteria should produce a dairy free yogurt within the week.

The other great test is personal testing.  You should be less gassy, regular - meaning you are pooping each morning without coffee or a stool softener.  Your poop should be smooth and soft, similar to a fudge bar. Not loose and floaty or super hard and sink to the bottom of the bowl.  Your poop should not look like a rabbit's either. Just because you eat rabbit food does not mean you produce rabbit poop.

With my Lillie she tends to have very loose stools because of her celiac and chrons. Her poop is also very pale or white in color because she does not produce bile correctly and her liver counts are off.  When she is taking Thrive Probiotic daily she has regular poops.  Lillie has been taking Thrive probiotic for over 6 months now and not only are her bowls regulating she has a better temperament. With the correct probiotic and her modified paleo diet she is growing.  This is the little Lillie who was failure to thrive before her test and 14 biopsies last February.  She has went up 2 clothing sizes, 3 shoe sizes and continues to put on weight.  This is with the Just Thrive Probiotic and Dr. Whal's Protocol.  True life savers.

For myself I have been following Dr. Wahl's protocol for over a year now.  The probiotic has allowed me to eat small amounts of dairy without the bloating or gas pains.  Also, no more super smelly gas. Yeah! I can enjoy our family's Friday pizza nights again and even share a small bite of the girl's pizza.

My major moment was when I had been glutened while on the road with a gluten free expo.  Under normal circumstance my body will take gluten super rough for 3 days including migraines, diarrhea, bloating and exhaustion.  This last time I was on Thrive Probiotic and I was only down for 24 hours.  This probiotic is now my life line when I get poisoned or one of my girls having a reaction.

The Difference

Most common probiotics and over the counter options include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species which are also passed from mother to child during birth.  This does not happen with a child born via c-section. Another common way our bodies would be introduced to probiotic is through our environment. Although today we do not encourage our children to eat dirt and we over wash our produce preventing ourselves from consuming the spores needed to produce good bacteria in our gut.

Just Thrive Probiotic is different. The capsule contains blend of super probiotics including Bacillus Subtillis, Bacillus Coagulans and a newly discover strain  Bacillus Indicus HU36,  which actually has shown to produce antioxidants in the digestive system where the body can readily absorb it.

Here are 5 reasons why Just Thrive is a better choice:

1. Designed by Nature - A true probiotic should exist in the environment and be naturally able to survive the harshness of the stomach and also be naturally adapted to living in the digestive tract. Bacillus spores are the best studied of they class of natural probiotics. Just Thrive is formulated to deliver a potent dose of these essential bacteria as nature intended.

2. Survives with full potency - Since these Bacillus species are naturally designed to be stable in the environment and in the stomach, the specific dose intended is guaranteed. A total of 3 billion cells are delivered to the digestive system to perform the probiotic function. Other probiotics that have to be refrigerated or encapsulated with protections are not designed to be stable in the environment or the stomach acid and thus, are not probiotic as nature intended. They also cannot guarantee the amount being delivered to the digestive system, so they tend to be formulate with much higher cell counts.

3. Delivers powerful antioxidants and key nutrients - Besides the digestive benefits and immune support, true probiotics should also provide key nutrients to their host by producing nutrients right in the digestive tract. The patented strain Bacillus Indicus HU36 found in Just Thrive has been shown to produce important levels of key antioxidants in the digestive system.

4. Highest Quality - All strains used in Just Thrive have been specifically licensed from a to University to ensure safety and potency. It is important to know what you are taking. (no hidden gluten)

5. Supported by Science - All strains in Just Thrive have published studies to demonstrate their function as potent probiotics. You can feel confident that what you are taking has been carefully studied by some of the world's top researchers in the field.

So to answer you question how do I get my children to take a horse pill?  I don't.  I simply open the capsule and add to the morning oats or a cup of juice.  The great thing with a spore is that heat or cold will not kill the probiotic.

Now get your own probiotic and bring in new improved you in to the New Year! More Details here.
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