Prepare for Christmas

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Preparing for Christmas is not just about buying presents.  You also need to prepare your house and yourself.

First let's discuss how to prepare you house for Christmas.

1. Put up your Christmas Tree.  I know many people have a designer and special Christmas tree with all the matching glass bulbs.  My tree started out as a Heritage Christmas tree when I was given my great-grandma's glass ornaments years ago.  I treasured the tree and loved the old world charm of the tree.  5 years ago our basement flooded and I lost most of the ornaments. My Mom came to the rescue and took me to Hobby Lobby to find my tree again.  I opted to go with 80% plastic ornaments that look like glass with glitter. We have a red and lime green decorated tree with colored lights. I believe every child should have a tree with colored lights.  I always did as a child. This year my girls decorated our tree and it is beautiful.

2. Change the table linens for Christmas.  Pull out your green and red table clothes and kitchen towels. I also have a blue snowflake table cloth we use more in January for winter. Update your table scopes to include tones for the season.  Add some Santas and Snowmen.

3. Trim the house. Add green branches and holly to the little nooks in the house. These can even be fake tree garland or branches tucked into shelfs or behind photos to add the extra touch to your home. I have a front table in our entry that we decorate for every holiday.  Currently it has a snowman and pinecones with candles and a hatbox for height. Make it yours.

4. Hang the stockings.

5. For the kitchen change out the soap for holiday scented ones and update the kitchen towels to reflect the holiday.  You can find Christmas towels and dish rags at Williams-Sonoma, Joann Fabric and even Walmart.

6. Learn to find Joy in the peace of the season. Turn on Christmas music in the background when you are home and just dance once in a while to Rocking around the Christmas tree. Remember to enjoy the moments.

For yourself you need to focus on the everyday joy of the season. Do not get stressed about gifts or ensuring all the shopping is done. The rat race to be the first to mail out Christmas cards or have all your shopping complete is a joke.  You have to be mindful of your budget and time. You have to do you. If this means ordering items on a schedule to stay on budget or making your gifts, do it! If this means coming home to Christmas music, twinkle lights and a glass of wine, do it! You have to be able find peace to enjoy Christmas. I encourage you to attend your local Christmas Eve Church Service and focus on the blessings you have received this year. Give Thanks for the smallest things in life, they could have been a huge event or project for the one who gave it to you.

Now go get your Christmas on and Bake some cookies!

And now to help you get your Kitchen ready for Christmas!

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