The 5 Keys to Healing Inflammation

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1.  21 Day Rule

The 21 day rule basically says this, it takes your body 21 days to stop producing antibodies to the food that you're allergic. Your liver needs time to recover and your blood needs to be clear of the toxins that are poison. Your body needs the 21 days for your body to stop producing the antibodies which produce inflammation. 

This means you need to give the new you a really good three weeks of a really clean eating. So what is a clean diet? You want to go grain free, legume free, dairy free, and  sugar free for the complete 21 days.

2. Supplies

You need to go to the grocery store and get your veggies, your organ meats, nuts, coconut milk, chicken and grass fed beef.

Prepping is done when you get home. Cut up the veggies.  Next, freeze the fruits that you need for smoothies. Stock your refrigerator with pre-made salads and jars. Put your plan and your menu on the front of the refrigerator this way there's no temptation. There's no confusion preparing food in the next 21 days and when you're hungry you can open your fridge and not worry about fixing a snack because it's already there for you.

3. Food Options

You need to pick food with color the more vibrant the better. The key is color. Pick up the berries, the egg plant, pineapple, avocados and deep green leafs.  Stay away from fruits with a white center like apples and bananas. Live on the wild side for the 21 days. No ice berg stick to the leafs that have fun names like dinosaur kale or arugala. 

4. Bath

Soak in your tub in warm to hot water with Epson salt which has the minerals your body needs to release the toxins at least three times a week. Now, what this really means is you get to take a soak three times a week and enjoy it. Put on the music, light the candles and actually reflect on your week or on your day. Reflect on the improvement of yourself.  Visualize yourself having a healthy gut and joints free of inflammation.

5. Accountability

Are several ways to get accountability. You can get a person you talk to every day on the phone for two minutes or you can get an app like Argus which will track what you eat and track how many steps you walk, and your heart rate or you can even get an app that lets you set goals. The Fitbit is a great idea too. 

The idea is it will keep you honest. Another way you can do this is share with Facebook or another social media outlet your progress and how you feeling today in your improvements and only focus on the positives.

If you need a really good resource to read, pick up Dr. Whals Protocol. You can find it at your local library or on Amazon. Here's to great a New Year and getting back on track for 2016!

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