Gluten Free Buyers Guide is your Map

4:31 PM Tiffany Hinton 0 Comments

It's HERE!  This years top of the top in Gluten Free has been announced.  The ​Gluten Free Buyers Guide for 2106 has arrived.
And You can ​download it for free today and tomorrow only!  You really need this guide. I am telling you it is like a secret map to the world of gluten free. The awards are voted on by the community and are consumer driven.  I am excited to see GF Mom Certified listed in the runnings for Kids Books and Cookbooks, kinda cool! 
The details: The 2016 Gluten-Free Buyers Guide highlights only the best in gluten-free utilizing The Annual Gluten Free Awards. This year, we had 36,580 individual responses from 1805 people within the gluten-free community. The guide gives you the opportunity to have all of the results right in an easy to carry book that fits in your purse. The guide highlights over 40 categories and contains valuable coupons and promo codes to some of the best gluten-free brands and products. We believe in quality not quantity. You will not need to navigate through 40,000 gluten-free products in our gluten free shopping guide; our process gives you only the very best. Finally, the gluten free experimentation is over!
Make sure to grab your guide and share with our community!
- Tiffany

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