Rainbow Dash Birthday Party

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to your favorite board for easy reference

Birthday parties are to be fun and full of joy, although for a child with food allergies they can be a time of sadness and isolation.  If you have been to our BYOC class at a gluten free expo or pick up a copy of Kid Approved you know I will never let that happen.  Today I am going to show you how to make your little pony smile and be the star of her own Birthday party even with food allergies and celiac.

No bringing your own cupcake at your own party and no crying!  Let's get started.

First, we only serve food everyone can eat.  When the guest RSVP ask the parent if they have any food restrictions or allergies.  We found out one of our little dance friends is anaphylactic to shellfish. So the party menu was to be gluten free, diary free, peanut free, soy free, shellfish free and egg free!  Quite the combo.  

Pick your color scheme and hop over to Pinterest and look at our party boards for inspiration. We choose rainbow with a focus on teal for the Little Pony party. Make your Plan.

Plan the menu and remember kids do not need a whole meal for a 2 hour party. 

Rainbow Cupcakes
Sugar Cookie Clouds

Cloud Sugar Cookies
Use Wilton lollipop sticks and tie curly ribbon around them to make magic clouds!

Little Pony Cake toppers from Amazon (super cheap and make great take home items)

Marshmallows dipped in leftover icing and sprinkles. Remember Wilton items are mostly gluten free, just read the label.

Time to Decorate

Visit you local Dollar Tree and Party City for the decorations. We chose 1 purple table cloth and 1 rainbow table cloth along with the streamers at the Dollar Tree. I picked up the My Little Pony plates and Wall background at the party store. 

Here are downloads we found!

Here is a link to all the fun Downloads including the table tents and banners.

Hoof Painting - pick up dollar nail polish and paint the girls toes
Cutie Mark Station - face paint each girl with a cutie mark
Pin the tail on the pony
You can always play freeze dance too! 

Time to set up!

Place the lollipop clouds on a tray

Add the cupcakes to the three tier stand or even on top of a cake stand would be fun.

For the table scape pull out your serving trays. These are from Pamper Chef and go with anything. The lemonade was dyed teal with blue food coloring. The girls loved the purple mason jars and teal paper straws. I found these at Target and we can reuse them for future parties and play dates. Cover the rings with washie tape for added fun. 

Party Favors are from the Dollar store and Target. Puzzles, mini Play Dough containers and a Hair Bow from Etsy for each little girl. 

Remember to hang a sign on your front door and put balloons on the mailbox announcing your party! 

For more great party ideas purchase Kid Approved today!

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