Wow! What a Weekend! #GFAFEXPO Full Review

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This past weekend we traveled to San Diego, California for the annual GFAF Expo.  This year the event was held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, which are beautiful northern area of San Diego.

I am going to give you a trip through the expo in photos.  I encourage you to check out event page and find a gluten free expo in your area to attend this year.  For you the mom with the just diagnosed kid the event can be life changing.  The best part is you get to taste and sample everything, so no more yucky gluten free food at your house.

Check out this list of awesome booths. Many of my favorites are listed.  Do you see your favs?  

This is our booth.  We were #709.  I am in the process of changing up the display slightly to display our newest book Kid Approved.  Tell me in the comments what stands out to you in this picture. 

Check out this line up of speakers.  Many will change for the next gluten free expo and many topics may be covered again.  Do you see something that speaks to you?  I am training on cross contamination in your home this year.  I highly encourage you to come to one of our classes to learn how to stop poisoning your family in your own home, including your bathroom.  You did know right that there is gluten in your bathroom.

Alright, are you ready for our favorite products? I'm sure you will see a few of your favs too.

The best cereal in the world! Yes in the world, Freedom Foods is made in Australia and completely free from.  Safe for our whole family and taste great!  

Meet @onceuponaceliac

This is the first time I got to try Spinato's and LOVED it all.  I have a bottle of salad dressing waiting to use at home.

I love seeing I Heart Keenwah at a show.  This company is from our home base - Chicago. Bonus! Lillie got 2 bags of cheese quinoa balls too! 

Hubby found a new spice company and sauce he loves.  Time to bring on the grillin' now if only the weather would improve here.  These are from the Sauce Goddess. 

I am super excited about this new bread company.  BFree is from Dublin, Ireland.  The products are not just gluten free, they are VEGAN.  Yes!!!  I am screaming fluffy soft egg free bread with no holes.  More than bread too! Bagels, wraps, rolls and more.  I can not wait to use these in our kitchen.

If you have not tried Feel Good Foods dumplings you are missing out.  The best on the market and a great replacement for takeout Chinese food. And bonus was see Carrie

Our official expo photo.  This past weekend was our 7 year wedding anniversary and my 8 year completely gluten free anniversary.  My last major major endo surgery was in March of 2008 and I never went back to gluten. On a side note these jeans, "my fav capri's" later ripped in the butt and I had to leave them in Cali.  Gonna have to find a new fav pair of jeans to cut off for Spring. What is your favorite brand of jeans that just fit so great (not mommy jeans)? Leave me a comment.

I finally got to meet Juli from SunButter.  I love this photo and how the sun was shinning on Saturday.

This is Morgan, Miss California Teen - who is also celiac.  I love that see is advocating for your community and teaching girls they can still go after their dreams.

Meet Angela, @celiachashigirl our local tour guide.  We had a blast and may have found some mischief too.  (we won't talk about the train.. shhhh)  Great company and supper was always fun.  Her allergies are similar to my Lillie's.  The downtown Del Mar restaruants did great and we never got sick!  Huge plus!  Eating out with another allergy challenged blogger was a treat.  I was not the only one asking crazy questions and ordering a made up dish.  Cafe Secret was great! 

These were all gone before I got to sample.  I will be looking for them in April.  I think the girls would love them. 

These girls were full of energy and smiles all weekend.  Love Enjoy Life Foods and their ambassadors.  I grabbed a few bags of Plentils for the flight and girls.

A trip to California is not complete without a sunset and a walk on the beach! 

The Expo Haul

We came home with food in 3 bags, yes $85 in checked luggage on the flight home.  The only thing that broke was my razor (silly huh).  We are blessed every expo and truly enjoy our friends and the new products we get to try.  Thank you! 

The sauces from San-J's.  I love cooking with these and you can even find some recipes on the blog using their sauces and tamari. 

Aleia's is a new company we found.  Will tasted the cookies and we both loved Josh.  The products to do have eggs. (so no Josi) The other girls are excited and wanted to open the cookies when they saw them.  I needed pictures first for you and then I hid them away for now.  Watch for a video and review soon.

More treats from San-J's.  I love the travel pack for tamari.  Great idea for going out for sushi, you have your own gluten free soy sauce in your purse. 

Lillie's treats from @iheartkeenwah

YUM!  Mommy and Josi love these sea salt Plentils from +Enjoy Life Foods 

Our new Egg Free, Dairy Free and Gluten Free bread from +BFree Foods to try!  Yeah!! Sandwich for lunch, want to join me?

Spinato's pomegranate salad dressing.  This I will be using on salad in the coming week. 

These are gluten free gravy packets from a 32 year old company and made in a dedicated facility.  Blog review and video soon.

Hubby picked these up for idea's for meals for Lillie, our modified paleo eating child.

These are the wraps from +BFree Foods. Franki wants to make quesadillas.  

These were from @sprouts grocery store. 

These will find there place in a Sunday lunch meal.  

Bagel sammies anyone?  Really in love with BFree. 

And these I saved for last.  Franki's favorite granola bar. Totally gluten free, peanut free, dairy free and egg free.  Soft and so good. These were my breakfast both days at the expo.

See you in Atlanta April 2nd! Who is geeking out with me in Atlanta? 

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