Get Your Smoothie On!

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Smoothies those magical morning starters.  If you follow me at all on social media or Youtube you already know I'm a smoothie girl.  I believe in the healing power of a smoothie and the benefits of just good clean food.

I made a few smoothie video's for you today, incase you are just stuck or really need to know how to make them.  I will also highly suggest Elyse Wagoner's book Smoothie Secrets Revealed.  Elyse goes into the power behind the food and gives you several ideas and recipes.  Here is a link to the book. 

The key ingredients to any great smoothie include a nut milk or coconut milk, frozen fruit, fresh fruit, veggies, flax or chia seeds, probiotic and a banana or avocado (yes you need good fat)

Here is the probiotic I open and add each day. Just Thrive Probiotic. 

Click the picture and order some for your morning smoothie or pick up in our store. 

Here is the ingredients for my daily routine.

And the how to make the smoothie in steps. (ignore the noise from the playroom, some of us have morning energy prior to our smoothie)

Ok now go make your morning smoothie! Take a pic and tag me!  

I want to see the smoothie love 

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