A Grassroots Cash Mob in the Name of Gluten Free Oats

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Today I wanted to share with you about my favorite oat farm.  I have got to know the family behind the farm over the last few years and they have found my love.  We use only their oats in our home and truly enjoy them.  The story of the farm business starting with an FFA project really hits my home roots. I grew up with FFA and 4H in a small farming town too.

This Article was written by Erica Dermer, Editor of Gluten Free & More Magazine.

A Grassroots Cash Mob in the Name of Gluten Free Oats

Posted by Erica Dermer,

A small group of gluten-free bloggers are organizing a virtual cash mob this week for a very special company with an important mission. For anyone guessing, a cash mob is a gathering of people at a place of business with an objective of buying from that business to show support. The glorious advent of online shopping allows celiacs all over the country to participate in this particular cash mob, and they’ll want to. The fate of purity protocol oats is at stake! This is a story about GF Harvest and the gluten free production of oats. Continue Reading>> 

Please help support GF Harvest and the traditional way of farming. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping Forrest and his family business.

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