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The Chicago GFAF Expo is one of my favorites, not because it is held in my backyard. Really it's my favorite because it was the first gluten free expo I ever attended as a consumer.  I have felt the emotions of finding my community and the overwhelming of products available.  This expo turned me into an expo Junky like my friend Tracy at Nutrimom - Food Allergy Liaison.  The energy of the event gets me to the next.  

Here'a a quick view of the expo from my eye.

This is one of the new shirts for the ladies available on

All ready to go on Saturday morning.  Chicago was a bit chilly and I was glad to have my new logo hoodie.  

Our traditional +Enjoy Life Foods photo for Hubby and I. 

If you have not tried Abundtant Love bunt cake mix you need too!  We love it and I even make it egg free without fail.

Meet Todd from Spinato's.  Always a stop for pasta and salad in my busy expo day.  Try the Pomegranate Salad Dressing.

This little tester is give the consumer control to test food for gluten before consuming.  I really want one to play with in our home kitchen.  Our family loves the concept and power it gives us to safe.

The girls joined us on Sunday at the Expo and did a litte shopping. Lillie had to visit Freedom Foods for cereal and Crunchrola bars.  She will not eat any other granola bars. Only Freedom Foods.

My favorite picture from the event!  

Franki went shopping at I Hear Keenwah for cheese balls.  Thank you Sarah.

The girls had to go get the bundt cake for Mom.  I am in love with this mix. 

All three of the taster's went to see Keely at SunButter. They love their SunButter! 

Franki kept going back to see Miss Kathleen at Enjoy Life Foods.  She really just wanted the chocolate. shhh...

This was my treat for the weekend.  I love these little Oatie Bars from @Allies GF Goodies

This was a nice surprise in my weekend. 

This was our Expo haul from the weekend.

Our travel and geeky friends from the weekend.  Do you spy Celiac Hashi Girl?  We love Miss Angela and miss her! 

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