Summer is Here! Let's Celebrate! Who's in?

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Did you hear Summer has arrived in Chicago!  We officially welcomed the heat and sun arriving this past weekend with a fire in her tribute and S'more roasting.  If you join us on social media, I am sure you were all in on the Friday night celebrating of Summer herself.

My favorite part of the year!  Don't get me wrong I really like Spring and all the new blossoms and blooms, although not the rain.  I am truly not a fan of Mr. Fall or Winter.  Summer in all her glory makes my soul smile and my skin dance with glowing praise.  

We had friends over and ate outside on the patio.  Candles, pizza, salad and wine with laughs and smiles.  Our Friday night fire pit nights are back and I am so excited for the peace I find on Friday evenings. 

This past weekend the S'mores were the winner of the party.  We used Hannah's Healthy Bakery Paleo Cookie mix instead of graham crackers.  Kathleen from Soul Food Heals was out to celebrate and mixed up the cookies using Enjoy Life Foods mini chocolate chips.  These cookies are grain free, egg free and dairy free.  Did I mention absolutely delicious too! 

The cookies we flattened slightly before baking to make them into little sandwich sized.  Using the 1 inch cookie scoop was perfect. 

Using Dandies allergy free marshmallow and Enjoy Life Foods BCB Chocolate candy bars made the S'mores safe for all and super yummy.  We may have went through 2 bags of Dandies and all the cookies. The tasters loved the Summer treat!   Burnt marshmallow make the best S'mores especially when the centers ooze out. 

Something special for you too today!  In celebration of Celiac Disease Awareness Month we are hosting a free seminar on Tuesday, May 24th at 8 pm CST. 

Please invite your community to join us for the online seminar and learn how to keep your kids safe too! 

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