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The Expo is coming!   Did you hear me the GFAF Expo is coming!!!  I mean for real right here in my own town - Chicago it is Gluten Free Allergy Friendly Expo Time!  This is my favorite food show of the year and all around one of the funnest events all year!  I hope you heard me, because you need to be there too!

The Chicago expo is held at the Schaumburg Convention Center on Saturday, May 14 10 am - 4 pm and then again on Sunday, May 15th 10 am - 4 pm.  My advice is to get a ticket for both days and come load up on your favorite snacks and gluten free products.  If you can only come one day, then come on Sunday and avoid the crazy crowds.

I have a few key things you need to know about this event.  First, bring your kids just not your stroller on Saturday.  I use to wear Franki or Lillie in a wrap my first few years, much easier with the large crowd.  If you need a stroller, I will see you on Sunday. Second, pack a lunch with protein and a bottle of water.  The vendors will be sampling many fun and new foods, although like we all know the gluten free pre-made food is high in sugar and carbs.  Third, bring some cash or your debit card - If you are like me and I know you are, there will be something you really, really need.  Like my Kid Approved cookbook or your kid's favorite Freedom Foods cereal box.  

Ok now click here for your tickets! 

There will be classes and education on both days.  If you are new to the food allergy world then make sure you get to a few of the presentations. The information can be life saving. 

A few of my favorites you have to visit while your there:

Enjoy Life Foods
Freedom Foods
San - J Tamari
Beanfield's Chips
Massel Soups
Saffron Roads
and So Many More! 

Now come be an gfree nerd with me this weekend!  Come by our booth and give me a hug.  I would love to hear your personal journey.

See you in Chicago this Weekend! 

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Joyce Gan said...
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Joyce Gan said...

Thanks for sharing your tips, Tiffany. I guess I won't take stroller then. Looking forward to seeing you there.