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Funding Safe Food for Your Family

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Happy Monday. I hope your Monday is totally Rocking! This will only make it better.
I have 2 things to share with you today. 
1st: Tomorrow night we are hosting a very special webinar. Please register now and plan to join us for 20 minutes. This is very dear to our hearts.
The more we are at live events and talk to the gf community the more we hear about the struggle just to afford safe food for your family. It is a real struggle for those close to us and at the Schaumburg GFAF event this past month, we learn that there is a waiting list at the food pantry in South Barrington of families waiting for allergy free food, like gluten free and peanut free for their kids. This broke my heart and even more, hit home for us the need our community has when it comes to feeding their kids food to help them stay well. Food free of allergens. This is why we are having a special event this Tuesday night.
This short Webinar may be CRITICALLY IMPORTANT for your family and will be presented by Mr. Majid Zafer a leading consultant in the Chicago area. We want to take the opportunity to show you a way you can AFFORD THE FOOD YOUR FAMILY NEEDS to keep your child safe! As a family with food allergies we know first hand the cost of the weekly FOOD NEEDED IS MORE EXPENSIVE. Gluten free and Organic groceries can cost up to 60% more money than traditional popular American brands. Your child's health is important to us at GF Mom Certified and we want to introduce you and share with you what we have learned from Mr. Zafer.
Note: Mr Zafer's time is limited and there is limited (virtual seats) line space, so please register now.

You'll be on and off the conference within 30 minutes and of course will have a value gift for the first 40 people that register!
Register Here - Do this Now, from your phone.

2nd: This Saturday I will be in Florida at the Gluten Free and Healthy Lifestyles Event.  Super Excited!  Who do you know in Florida.  I want to me them! We will be sharing our GF 101 training on the seminar stage.  ​Here are the details.

We will chat tomorrow night.  Happy Monday thoughts your way! 
p.s. Watch the SunButter website for my newest recipe! with the most awesome video ;-)

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