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The Enjoy Life Road Trip #EnjoyLifers

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Recently we took a road trip to the corporate offices of Enjoy Life Foods (Thank you Miss Kathleen for the invite and @Celiachashigirl for setting it up)

With Enjoy Life Foods' offices in Chicagoland it really was not a far drive, although with 3 little girls who absolutely love the safe food Enjoy Life Foods creates it was an epic adventure.

We loaded up our wagon and were off to see where all our #eatfreely treats and mixes come from.  Do you spy Angela, Celiac Hashi Girl riding shotgun.  She flew in from California for the GFAF Expo this year and we had a grand time while she was in town.  

The entrance to the Corporate Offices, where all the marketing and social media chatting occurs.  

Franki has visited in the past with Will and wanted to show me right away where she had signed the magic wall. The magic wall is a whole wall painted with dry erase paint.  I loved reading the messages from other Enjoy Lifers.  Very inspiring.  The idea the employees can read thank you notes and notes of true praise each day is awesome.  We may need a magic wall in our own house to encourage each other. 

Did you know they are a supporter of Autism Hope Alliance?  I did not and found this exciting to learn. 

We met Miss Amy and she gave the girls special treats manufactured for Disney. Including chocolate bars and seed & fruit packs. They got all excited.

Look at Goofy! 

Are you ready for the secret tour?  Here we go! 

This is the Enjoy Life Foods break area complete with refrigerators, microwaves and massage chairs. 

The view is really cool and you can watch the airplanes coming into O'hare from the space. 

Josi getting her relax in.

These are just some excited little girls who want to grow up to work at Enjoy Life Foods! 

Joel was so great meeting with us and even showed us the sample room. I learned from Joel the new manufacturing facility in Indiana is going to provide an additional 200 jobs. This is truly awesome and show we all really love the Enjoy Life Foods products.  Incase you have not heard about the new factory.  Here are the details from Crane. The new facility is opening this August and has a grand opening in September for us bloggers and food lovers. (Road Trip anyone??)

The sample room was the little tasters favorite spot in the whole office.

She found all her favorite products. 

Big Thank you to Enjoy Life Foods for allowing us to visit! 

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