Gluten Free Advocacy needs a KickStart

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Can you imagine a completely gluten free kitchen where you can go on Saturday to cook and learn?  I love this concept and idea from Taylor at Gluten Away.  I just wish it was in Chicago.  No biggie, Florida is only a short trip for our family and would be a great weekend trip.  Gluten free and the Beach on the same day!  SCORE!  

But really this is real and I love it!  I am sharing below with you the information on the new Sample Saturday project. I just backed this project because I am passionate about teaching our children how to cook for themselves and showing them gluten free can be tasty.  This is what true advocacy looks like.  Please click on the link below and back the project too.

What is Sample Saturdays:
  • Themed gluten-free event held once a month in Tampa, Florida
  • 8 interactive stations for gluten-free food tasting and education (New every month)
  • Cooking station for recipe demos to show how to use the products
  • Attendees receive cookbooks, samples, and product info to find the products locally
  • People who can’t attend can watch live broadcasts of the event online

Our plan:  
Imagine a themed event where you can sample gluten-free products prepared in recipes, watch live cooking demos, receive a cookbook and products, and interact with a hundred people who are gluten-free just like you. Expos are a great way to do this. But with our Sample Saturdays, we give people the option to attend these events every single month in Tampa, Florida. If you don't live in the area, that's ok! We'll be broadcasting these events, live, for everyone in the U.S. to see from home.   

How Sample Saturdays Are Different:  
Sample Saturdays have eight interactive stations focused on tasting and education. We have a fully interactive kitchen where we show you how to make recipes using new gluten-free products.  Attendees learn how to use products in their day-to-day lifestyle in an environment that is social, interactive, and less overwhelming than traditional expos.  

Our Kick Starter Goal:
Our goal is to raise $7,500 to help fund this event space. All of the money we’ve used to get this started has come out of our pockets so any support that we get helps! If we do not meet our goal, it will not be funded. Donate here!

How YOUR Donations Will Be Used:  
Right now we currently have the space, design, products, and even some attendees in place! All we need now if YOUR help to get it done. Your donations will go towards building out our kitchen space. Counter-tops, kitchenware, lounging for attendees, and utensils is all that we need! Your donations will allow us to complete the idea that we started and get this event ready for gluten-free families in the area.

When is the deadline:  
Our first event is August 27th. We need your help to get this funding by August 14th. Every penny helps! 

What you receive for donating:
Depending on how much you donate, you can get the following bellow!
  • Donate $10+ = Get 3 Downloadable Gluten Free Cookbooks.
  • Donate $35+ = Get the first prize AND a Gluten Free Sample Kit filled with 20+ gluten-free samples.
  • Donate $100+ = Get the first 2 prizes AND give a month's worth of Sample Saturday tickets and 1 sample kit sent to a gluten-free child.
  • Donate $200+ = Get the first 2 prizes AND give a YEAR's worth of Sample Saturday tickets and $100 of samples to a gluten-free child.

Why is this important? 
Right now, this is a plan so close to being completed. It's one that's been an idea for so long, but now we finally have the space to get it done. We have no investors, we have no loans, we have no large stash of money sitting around. Every penny that has been put into helping the gluten-free community has come out of our pockets. Also, every penny that we have made has been put back into ideas like these to help the gluten-free community. We have not paid ourselves.
It's our goal to make Sample Saturdays not only a local event in Tampa, Florida, but an event that can eventually come to every big city in the U.S. An event where people can sample new gluten-free products every month, learn how to cook and bake with them, and most importantly, have a space that will make everyone feel safe and normal again. Sample Saturdays in Tampa, Florida is only the beginning. Donate and help us get it off the ground and we will eventually hope to get it to a city near you.

Our kitchen that needs funding to be finished on the left
Our build out design for Sample Saturdays
Our open space that will be filled with 8 booths for the event

Our front lounging space for attendees to interact in

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