It's Here! Our Newest Tool in our fight for safe food!

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We have some exciting news for you!

Enjoy Life Foods has just launched an Amazon Dash button for easy one-stop ordering of Enjoy Life products for Amazon Prime Members. Next time you’re running low on Mini Chips or Snickerdoodles, you can order more with just the push of a button! And guess what else? When you link it to your Amazon Prime account, you'll get a $4.99 credit!

Lillie was super excited.  I joked about having 100 brown trucks in route full of Enjoy Life Foods products.  In reality if I had not hidden the button this would be true and I would need a loan for cookies.  All joking aside. I love the button!  We have it set up to reorder double chocolate cookies and a great price and with same day delivery.  Amazon Rocks!  No more running to the store for school lunch treats or having to haul out the laptop.  We can just push the button and relax know the cookies are on the way!  Thank you Enjoy Life Foods for making this mom's food allergy world easier!

Order one for your family too! Here and make life freeing too! #eatfreely

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